Fair Allocation in Runways (FAiR) Coalition Summer 2014 Door Hanger Campaign Kick-Off

The Fair Allocation in Runways (FAiR) Coalition cordially invites you to our Summer 2014 door hanger campaign kick-off Saturday, July 12, from 9am-11am at the Edgebrook Public Library, 5331 West Devon, Chicago. FAiR will unveil its new door hangers and begin right away towards delivering 50,000 door hangers door-to-door. ALL ARE WELCOME! YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER OF FAIR TO ATTEND. 

Come and be part of the largest citizen-led movement on Chicago's NW side. 

We will also have FAiR Yard Signs immediately available. They cost $5/sign and make a great addition to your landscaping. See the attached pic. You're starting to see more and more of these around. Don't be left out! 

For more information, contact Jac Charlier at jac.charlier@gmail.com. 

What is FAiR? 

FAiR seeks a real voice at O'Hare to secure an equitable distribution of takeoffs and landings, day and night, east and west, and using all existing runways including the diagonals. FAiR is the leading voice for residents on this issue. Learn more about FAiR at www.fairchicago.org and on Facebook and on Twitter @fairchicago. 

What does FAiR believe? 

It is our Coalition's experience that citizens and civic organizations concerned about the severe impact on our communities from increased noise and air pollution occurring as a result of the new October 2013 runway configurations have not had a real seat at the table in the development and implementation of how O'Hare takeoff and landing patterns were designed. FAiR supports the economic engine that is O'Hare, but we believe that as our neighbor, the airport must work with the community to determine when and where those engines fly over our homes, yards, schools, parks and businesses. FAiR's desire is to obtain acceptable solutions to community concerns as well as future plans so they do not become an issue. To date, that conversation with communities has been non-existent, with the unfortunate viewpoint given that the communities will simply have to live with the consequences resulting from October 2013 and O'Hare Modernization Plan (OMP) changes yet to come. The FAiR Coalition seeks to replace that antiquated institutional practice so common in Chicago and Cook County with a democratic approach involving a modern assessment of the risks and rewards for both O'Hare AND our communities. FAiR's goal is a better future founded upon a real voice for communities and solutions arising out of collaboration between the citizenry and our government. Solutions to these types of challenges are not solely technical in nature but are more importantly democratic in substance.


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