International Film Shorts Screening

Come to the Morton Grove Public Library for the screening of a collection of International short films from a variety of genres including drama, comedy, and animation, including: 

The Piano Tuner (2010, French w/ English subtitles, France, 13 min)

A piano tuner pretends to be blind in order to attract more business, but one day he witnesses a customer commit a terrifying act, and does not know how to react.

I was a Child of Holocaust Survivors (English, Canada, 15 min)

Using the healing power of humor, this animated adaptation of Bernice Eisenstein's acclaimed illustrated memoir probes the taboos around a very particular second-hand trauma, leading us to a more universal understanding of human experience.


Lessons from the Night (English, Australia, 9 min)

This innovative documentary follows Maia, who reflects on life, work and toilet bowls on her nightly cleaning rounds through silent, empty spaces. As she works, she reveals some of the secrets of the city - the traces of human presence that we leave behind each day – and of her former life in Bulgaria.


Shanghai Love Market (Mandarin w/ English subtitles, Australia, 9 min)

Every weekend in Shanghai's famous Peoples' Park, an overly ambitious mother puts up a poster advertising her unwed son to potential brides. But, when true love is at stake, sometimes the best-laid plans have a funny way of coming undone.


Kiss (Dutch w/ English subtitles, Netherlands, 10 min)

Eight-year-old Bruno finds it very interesting that his father, Daan, routinely wants to shave his beard and head before leaving on dangerous military missions in a desert country far away. This time, Daan lets Bruno shave him. Along with this intimate way of saying goodbye, we see what happens to Daan on his mission through Bruno playing with his toy soldiers.


Honored (English, United States, 19 min)

Katie’s retreat into isolation is interrupted one afternoon by a visit from Philip, a soldier bearing unsent letters from her husband Carl, who died in Iraq.


Un Bisou Pour Le Monde (French w/ English subtitles, France, 10 min)

A primary school teacher shows her pupils some daily newspapers. In an effort to take a closer look, one student tears Le Monde into pieces. The teacher punishes him and asks him to glue the pieces of the newspaper back together. His inventive reconstruction of the news will have surprising effects on Le Monde – 'the world.' 

Joins us for a screening of additional shorts on February 8th at 2pm. Call 847-929-5101 or visit www.mgpl.org for more information.

Morton Grove Public Library / 6140 Lincoln Ave / 847-965-4220


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