Maine Township Republican Party Contest Begins !

Char For Maine Township

Char-Foss Eggemann Seeks Open GOP Committeeman Seat In Maine Township

Park Ridge Republican Leader Seeking To Fill Rosemary Mulligan Vacancy

PARK RIDGE – Republican organizer and activist Charlene Foss-Eggemann announced her candidacy for Maine Township Republican Committeeman at the Saturday meeting of Republican Women of Park Ridge.  Each of the 30 townships in Cook County has both a Republican and Democrat Committeeman responsible for supervising local partisan political activity.  Current Republican Committeeman Rosemary Mulligan has indicated she will not be seeking re-election following her recent political alliances with Democrat candidates.

“Although Maine Township provides one of the highest percentages of Republican voters in Illinois, the lack of leadership and initiative in the local party has led to the deterioration of organizing, fundraising and morale among Republicans.  We have lost representation at all levels of government to Democrats who do not reflect the values of the community, and that needs to end,” said Char.  “The current Republican Committeeman endorsed Democrat Marty Moylan, who was Speaker Mike Madigan’s hand-picked state representative candidate.  I want to repair the damage that has been done to our Party with the help of all Republicans. I firmly believe in the Republican platform, but acknowledge that Republican candidates and constituents have differences.  Every Republican must be included and respected to move the organization forward.  To this end, we must concentrate on what unites us in our opposition to the liberal Democrats.”

The Republican Committeeman is responsible for recruiting precinct captains and workers to organize grass roots activities in support of Republican candidates.  Such activities include door to door canvassing, election judge appointments and election day voter mobilization.  The Committeeman is also responsible for raising campaign funds, recruiting qualified conservative candidates, representing the Township Party at the Cook County Central Committee and selecting replacement state legislators in the event of a vacancy.


“Everyone in Republican circles knows that I am a hard worker, a tireless networker and fundraiser, and a committed conservative.  I have performed every campaign function imaginable through my volunteerism and as President of the Republican Women of Park Ridge.  I know the mechanics as well as the strategies.  I will grow the Maine Township Republican Organization so that it may regain the leadership position it once had in the County and in the State by attending to every detail in every precinct,” said Char.  “That’s what wins elections and I will prove it on March 18, 2014.”

Char Foss-Eggemann is married to Mark and has three sons. 




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