Share Your Photos: Build Your Own Frosty the Snowman

Use your imagination and these tips to make the perfect snowman.


There’s finally enough snow to build the perfect snowman, but where do you start?

Just like in real estate, location is key. You don’t want to build your snowman in the sun, so find a spot with a bit of shelter and make sure there’s lots of snow beneath him or her, according to yahoo.com.

Do you roll or pack the snow? It’s a matter of preference really, according to Yahoo.com. The site says you can roll the snow into a two-foot ball but it can be damp and cold. A key to this technique is to flatten the top of each ball before placing the next one on it, according to Pluggedin, on games.yahoo.com.

If you just want to put the snow in a pile then shape it, use a good shovel, the site advises.

Be creative with your snowman’s features, weather.thefuntimesguilde.com says. Try using food coloring to add distinct features, like rosy cheeks.

Don’t forget to get a photo of your snowman and add it to our photo gallery! 


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