UPDATE: Conrad to Be Evaluated After Bond Hearing

Morton Grove resident who police say shot a pellet gun at a mosque Friday is required to undergo anger management assessment and avoid contact with facility and its members, the 'Chicago Tribune' is reporting.

Update 6:54 p.m. ~

Gov. Pat Quinn issued a statement today regarding recent violent crimes committed against Illinois Muslim centers.

“I am saddened to learn of two recent violent crimes against Illinois Muslims in Morton Grove and Lombard. We should all be able to agree that there is no place in Illinois for hate crime and religious intolerance.

“No matter what faith you may practice, attacks on places of worship are just plain wrong and do not reflect the values of the people of Illinois," Quinn added.

Earlier -

with an air pellet gun attended a bond hearing today, and was ordered to undergo an anger managment assessment, according to the Chicago Tribune. 

David Conrad, 51, also was ordered by Judge Margeurite Quinn to avoid contact with members of the Muslim Education Center, as well as the property located next door to his home, the Chicago Tribune reports. 

Bond for Conrad was set at $45,000, according to the Chicago Tribune, and in addition to initial , he also faces a misdemeanor charge of owning a firearm without a FOID card.  

The Chicago Tribune reports if released from jail, Judge Quinn ordered Conrad wear an electronic monitoring device during the evenings so as not to disrupt the Ramadan services.  

Joanna Schneider August 14, 2012 at 03:17 PM
Karen Erickson said on Facebook: "I'm a MG resident and this mosque has been an issue for many years. I do NOT condone shooting at the mosque...I DO understand Mr. Conrad's frustrations! If one does NOT live near a mosque (especially during Ramadan) one has no clue as to noise, traffic, parking, etc."
Adam Turetzky August 14, 2012 at 11:22 PM
Kind of like living next to a church on Christmas or Easter huh? Boy those people bug me! BUT I'M NOT GOING TO SHOOT AT THEM!
Jon doe August 14, 2012 at 11:41 PM
First of all - he has not been judged guilty - second if there was no ballistic test conducted - ( which you can not get one from a air rifle) and third I'f there was no residue test conducted by Morton grove police (and yes carbon omissions and gas emissions do emulate from a air gun) the case holds no water - and just because politicians like the MG mayor and Gov Quinn want to grandstand for politics - does not mean that any one is guilty - probably just a misdemeanor for not owning a food card


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