How Much Salt Did North Shore Towns Use in the Blizzard?

Take a look at how your community compares to others nearby.

They may not have been there as fast as you wanted, but the plows were out in full force following the New Year's Eve snow storm and the second dose of snow we got later that week. 

The chart above shows how much salt was used by towns in the northern suburbs to keep the road safe. Hover over any bar for the exact amount. We'll add more data as more cities and towns get it to us. 

Some communities also let us know how many miles they plowed since Dec. 31 (including miles of road they covered multiple times). Of those who submitted data, Niles had put in the most miles by far, with 14,000 miles covered for salting and plowing.
Bob G January 12, 2014 at 12:09 PM
Wow Niles, thats a ton of salt , no pun intended. Niles has the best Public Works. They just get it done and are there when you need them. People take these services for granted and you never see anyone praise them. These are our unsung heroes. Thanks Niles PW. I have lived here for 50 years now and you guys have never let us down. When its a bad storm and I am caught out driving I always know when I hit the Niles city limits !


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