Library Hosts Trivia Night At Bringer Inn in Morton Grove

Head on over to the Bringer Inn on Sat., Feb. 9 for Trivia Night. Before, go to MG Library to review baseball stats, great battles in history, the rivers of Asia or other trivia. Read this Q&A, which answers your burning questions!


Quick: what's the most fun place to be in Morton Grove on Saturday, Feb. 9? 

If you answered the Pub Trivia Contest at Bringer Inn, organized by those smart Morton Grove Librarians, you've got the makings of a contestant. 

Find three other likely suspects to put together a team for the contest,which starts at 7 p.m. The Bringer Inn, at 6320 Lincoln Avenue, Morton Grove, will donate a gift certificate to the winning team. 

Morton Grove librarians will write the questions between now and then. So you may want to mosey over to the library to study the characters in Star Wars, the Periodic Table of the Elements, the names of all the vice-presidents or other trivia which could find its way into the quiz.

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We put some (trivial?) questions to Abby Annala, adult services librarian at Morton Grove Library in this Q&A.

Has the library done other things like this? Wasn't there a book group discussion at Starbucks?

We used to do a book discussion group at Starbucks, but it has since evolved into a book club co-sponsored by the Skokie Public Library.  It is now called LitLounge, and we meet once a month to discuss books at the Curragh Irish Pub in Skokie.

How did this come about? Was it Bringer Inn's idea? Are they library fans?

Trivia Night was developed by the MGPL librarians, but the Bringer Inn was very enthusiastic about being our host.  We really wanted to go beyond the walls of the library and get involved with the community.  Some people think of the library as only a place that has books, and this is a way for us to show our residents that we offer much more than that!  Our collection and services include everything from classic literature to XBOX games.

Is there an age minimum?

You must be 21 or older to visit the Bringer Inn, including on Trivia Night.

Is the idea here to get out into the community and expose more people to the library?

Absolutely!  As mentioned before, there are some people that are unaware of all the services, programs, and items we offer at the library.  We've been making a big effort to get more involved with the community on a number of levels.  We love having a presence at the Morton Grove Farmer's Market, being a part of the Chamber of Commerce, and developing new community partnerships.  Last year we were able to work with many organizations like Starbucks, the Morton Grove Park District, and Culver's.  We are, after all, a public library and it is our duty to provide a public service to our entire community!  It shouldn't matter if you speak a different language, have an obscure hobby, or need help with technology; the library is a place for you to come and find the information you want.  Trivia Night will not only be fun, but also showcase our librarians' ability to find the right, and sometimes weirdest, information.

To register or find out more, contact the library reference desk at info@webrary.org or 847-929-5101.

CK January 17, 2013 at 02:16 AM


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