Local Finishers of 'Hustle Up the Hancock'

A group from the Niles Fire Department participated, as well as individual residents.


Here's one less thing to worry about this week: whether Niles firefighters could rescue you from your second floor bedroom in an emergency.

"Hustle Up the Hancock", the fitness event held last Sunday, has released the list of those who finished the climb. It benefitted the Respiratory Health Association. We've listed the finishers from Niles and Morton Grove, including a contingent from the Niles Fire Department.

They all climbed 94 stories of Chicago's Hancock building. About 4,000 people took part, raising more then $1 million for the Respiratory Health Association. 

If you or someone you know finished the climb and are not listed below, please add the finisher's name in the comments. 

Niles Finishers 

  • Dan Felt, Niles Fire Department
  • Jessica Feld, Niles Fire Department
  • Aaron Towle, Niles Fire Department
  • Evan Schachtel, Niles Fire Department
  • Scott Guerino, Niles Fire Department
  • Martin Feld, Niles Fire Department
  • Richard Scipione, Niles Fire Department
  • Carolyn Chapp, Niles Fire Department
  • Dan Reid, Niles Fire Department
  • Danielle Kidston, Niles Fire Department
  • Bill Logsdon, Niles Fire Department
  • Douglas Fuller, Niles Fire Department
  • Matthew Piriczky, Niles Fire Department
  • Patrick Senerchia, Niles Fire Department
  • Ken Koehler, Niles resident
  • Timothy Schneider, Niles resident
  • Heather Vanslambrough, Niles Fire Department

Morton Grove finishers

  • Edward Asner, Morton Grove
  • Cristina Heidersbach, Morton Grove
  • Mark Heidersbach, Morton Grove
  • Karen Laner, Morton Grove
  • Ray Marano, Morton Grove
  • Amanda Hainke, Morton Grove

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