Delpy's '2 Days' Mines Family Quirkiness

'2 Days in New York,' which bears similarities to Julie Delpy's first film, '2 Days in Paris' is not for everyone, but if you like bizarrely quirky movies, it might be for you.

In the follow-up to the film 2 Days in Paris, director and star Julie Delpy recaptures the same style and verve that made 2 Days in Paris so refreshing. 

2 Days in New York is a charming, warm film with lots of heart. Aside from Delpy and her real-life father, who plays her, you guessed it, dad in the movie, all of the players are different from 2 Days in Paris, which had Delpy’s character involved with an American named Jack, played by Adam Goldberg. 

This time around, Delpy’s partner is Mingus, played by Chris Rock, and they are both cohabitating in New York with children from different relationships.  Unlike 2 Days in Paris, this film has Delpy’s character Marion a little more settled and calm.  But, she’s still neurotic, Bohemian and highly quirky. 

Mingus helps her settle down much more than Jack in 2 Days in Paris.  Jack was a frantic mess…and compared to him, Mingus is subdued and sensible.  But, once Marion’s family arrives for a visit from Paris, Mingus’ cool reserve begins to wear thin as the family takes over not only the small apartment, but both Marion’s and Mingus’ lives. 

The funniest character has to be, once again, Marion’s father, who barely speaks any English and who does not give up any of his Parisian ways when he travels.  He is loud and robust, the complete opposite of Mingus, and soon the two men in Marion’s life clash. 

Also in the picture is Marion’s sister, who brought her ex-boyfriend Manu along for the trip.  The fighting and sexual chemistry between the two of them is almost more than either Marion or especially Mingus can handle. 

This film is not for everyone.  The humor is bizarre and truly quirky.  It is ridiculously silly in parts, and in other parts, way too over-the-top in its schmaltzy-ness.  If you liked 2 Days in Paris, like I did, you will most likely appreciate this funny, irreverent film.   Or, even if you like free-spirited comedies, give this one a try.  You might want to watch 2 Days in Paris first, though that’s not necessary.  2 Days in New York stands fine on its own as an eccentric, unpredictable comedy. 

2 Days in New York: 2012, 96 minutes, rated R, directed by Julie Delpy, starring Julie Delpy, Chris Rock, Albert Delpy, Alexia Landeau, Alexandre Nahon, Kate Burton and Dylan Baker. 

2 Days in Paris: 2007, 96 minutes, rated R, directed by Julie Delpy, starring Julie Delpy, Adam Goldberg, Albert Delpy, and Daniel Brühl

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