Who Dunnit? Take Cecilia's Tour Of English Mysteries

Patch columnist and Anglophile Cecilia Cygnar will talk Tuesday about mystery novels set in English sites she's traveled to.

Butter your scone, put milk in your tea and then come out Tuesday evening to Niles Library for a tour of England--specifically, parts of England that have been the settings for mystery novels.

Cecilia Cygnar, who writes the column for Niles Patch and admits she's an Anglophile, will talk about English sites she's visited that have been the locations for the sometimes perplexing, sometimes shiver-inducing mysteries. 

The locations include the Cotswolds, Brighton, the Lake District, Oxford, York, Stratford-Upon Avon, Cornwall and, of course, London.

"I love England. I've been there about 10 times in the part 10 years," Cygnar said. "Europe is more laid back but also more refined. It's more classic."

One of the things she finds charming about the British Isles is the friendliness, most often found in pub culture. 

"We don't really have that here. Neighborhood bars here can often be seedy," Cygnar said.

"Pubs in England are more like a meeting spot, a gathering space. In Paris, there are cafes that serve the same purpose." 

Tuesdays' gathering will be a friendly one, but be sure to bring your all your knowledge of the suspicious and murderous that England's famous sleuths encounter in murder mysteries and mystery novels. 

Register for the program, which will take place at 7 p.m. at the , at the northeast corner of Oakton St. and Waukegan Road, Niles. 


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