Another Blockbuster Closes! Everything is 99 Cents This Weekend

No more Blockbusters exist in Studio City, and one closed in North Hollywood.

The in the where at the corner of Vineland and Ventura Boulevard is closing Sunday.

After a month of trying to find a place to move to somewhere else in Studio City, the store is not planning to relocate, and is moving because rents were getting too high in the complex which has underground parking and upstairs offices.

Some of the staff and personnel are moving to other Blockbusters, but as many people, know the local stores are closing up.

Last year, the next to at the other end of Studio City on Ventura Boulevard closed up and Trader's expanded into the space. Another in the also closed.

The main headquarters in Denver had no insight into whether any new Blockbusters will open again in Studio City.

"Blockbuster continues to focus on its Blockbuster Total Access DVDs By Mail service where, for a flat monthly fee, customers have access to over 100,000 titles, Blu-ray and game rentals, and in-store exchanges at participating Blockbuster stores," said Danielle Johnson, Corporate Communications Specialist, in a statement after Patch queried. "Blockbuster and DISH also recently introduced for DISH satellite TV customers the 'Blockbuster @Home' programming package, which provides access to Blockbuster DVDs and games by mail, in-store exchanges, and thousands of movies and TV shows streamed to their TV or PC via the Internet."

As of Dec. 31, 2011, Blockbuster operated over 1,500 retail stores in the United States. DISH disclosed in its quarterly filing that it will close over 500 domestic Blockbuster stores during the first half of 2012 as a result of weak store-level financial performance.

Johnson said, "We remain committed to maintaining only those stores that we believe we will be able to operate profitably. Stores can close for a number of reasons, such as the store reaching the end of its lease or property owners may be unwilling to reach a reasonable lease renewal. For employees affected by store closings, Blockbuster intends to relocate as many employees as possible to other stores."

Meanwhile, we say good-bye to Patel and Kat, the really great local store managers, and there are sales on every title in the store for only 99 cents!

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Avi Ben David a.k.a "Professor Security" March 25, 2012 at 02:09 PM
Good to hear your acknowledgement of Patel and Kat; one thing that is missed as Blockbuster goes to online-only is the added value of personnel at the stores who love movies and love people. I don't know Patel or Kat; but I have known lots of people at other stores and miss their smiles and help.


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