Chicago's First 'MedSpring' Opening in Lake View

The unique immediate care facility will open on North Broadway next month, featuring hospital-like amenities for what the company claims to be a fraction of the price.

Renovations are under way at what will be Chicago’s first MedSpring Immediate Care center, a speedy health care provider claiming to be cheaper than an emergency room visit.

Formerly a Hollywood Video, the almost 5,000-square-foot storefront at 2868 N. Broadway is in the same building as the recently opened Walmart Neighborhood Market. The company’s website says it expects the Lake View location to open in February.

"We are delighted to be opening our doors in the Chicago area, providing a convenient, comfortable and cost-effective alternative to the emergency room," said Jon Belsher, M.D., MedSpring's chief medical officer, in a statement. "In addition to quality medical care, patients can expect a relaxing atmosphere with unique amenities, including complimentary snacks and beverages, in-room televisions and activities for children."

While Patch was unable to contact MedSpring for a comment on the new Lake View location, MedSpring’s first expansions in the Chicagoland area came in late 2012 with stores in Naperville and Arlington Heights.

The new Lake View facility will have doctors on-site from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. almost every day except Christmas Day, according to a statement. In addition, MedSpring plans to have digital x-ray and lab facilities to treat non-life threatening injuries such as cuts, sprains, broken bones, coughs, allergies and infections.

Visits tend to last less than an hour, and patients can walk-in or schedule an appointment, the company says. 

Officials with the company claim patients will pay a fraction of what they'd pay to visit a hospital.

“Additionally, while co-pays vary by insurance provider, patients typically pay $35 to $50 at MedSpring, compared to $100 to $200 or more at the ER,” the statement reads. “For those without insurance or with a high deductible, the savings can be even more dramatic with a typical MedSpring visit costing under $200 compared to well over $1,000 for a comparable ER visit.”

MedSpring Immediate Care is a Texas-based company with 11 centers spread across Austin and Houston. For a full list of what’s offered at a MedSpring center, visit the company’s website outlining all the urgent care services and treatments.

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Robert Salm January 25, 2013 at 06:24 PM
This will be great, but it'll depend on how far their diagnostics can go. Will they have good radiology services, e.g. being able to do a CT scan with contrast?
Andy Ambrosius January 25, 2013 at 11:32 PM
I agree. I live in the area, so I wouldn't mind walking over if I just wanted to quick get a shot or get something checked out. I hate the hospital and sometimes an odd stomach ache isn't worth scheduling a doctor's appointment.
TheDoctor1963 January 26, 2013 at 12:48 AM
Doesn't sound like they will handle that kind of thing. ie: CT Scans -- sounds more like bare basic problems. But it's great the the space is finally filled up!


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