Jewel To Close One of Four Niles Stores

The grocery store chain is closing a handful of stores in Aurora, Niles and Chicago, but will keep the rest going. Jewel has four stores in Niles.


Jewel-Osco is trimming three stores from its lineup, and one of them is the store at 8203 W. Golf Road, Niles, the Chicago Tribune reported.

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The store to be shuttered is in the Four Flaggs Shopping Center, at the southeast corner of Golf Road and Milwaukee Avenue, just east of Golf Mill Shopping Center. The other two are in Aurora and on Chicago's South Side the paper reported; the Niles store is slated to close by April 5.

The store is across the street from a Wal-Mart, which has been running ads comparing its prices favorably to Jewel-Osco prices. However, the ads have been criticized by some bloggers, who suggest you can beat both the Wal-Mart and Jewel prices in those ads by shopping sales and/or using coupons. 

The three Jewel-Osco stores which will remain in Niles are:

  • 8730 W. Dempster (just west of Greenwood Avenue)
  • 7900 N. Milwaukee Avenue (in Oak Mill Mall)
  • 5665 W. Touhy Avenue (in Village Crossing Shopping Center)

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Harry Gio February 06, 2013 at 03:41 PM
Did you ever wonder WHY Jewel and Dominick's have just a few cars in the parking lot? It's because they charge way, way too much $$$$$$$ for their items... And out of those few cars in the parking lot at both Jewel and Dominick's, HALF of those cars belong to the employees... I went to the Jewel on Golf and Milwaukee the other day to get FRESH bread from the bakery for my mother and the bread was FRESH and WARM, right out of the oven... So I figured that I might as well get a few other things while I was there... I went to grab a gallon of Tropicana Orange Juice and it was $15.49!!! I was NEVER cheap, but I will NOT pay almost SIXTEEN DOLLARS for a gallon of orange juice! And that is the reason that the parking lot at Jewel and Dominick's is EMPTY, because consumers have woken up and choose to go across the street to Walmart... Granted, Walmart is not nearly as WARM and INVITING as the Jewel or Dominick's grocery stores that we grew up with, but then again, WHO CARES??? Our goal is to buy what we need and leave, NOT move in.
Harry Gio February 06, 2013 at 03:42 PM
Costco is nothing but a HUGE airplane hangar, but people go there to SAVE $$$$$$$... Quite frankly, WHY would anyone in their right mind go to Jewel or Dominick's to buy groceries? The SAME groceries are across the street at Walmart for 20-25% LESS... Mark my words, Jewel and Dominick's will soon be gone, just as 8-Track tapes and Cassettes... PLAIN and SIMPLE: If you shop at Walmart, the money you save would cover all your annual automobile fuel and insurance costs, as if it were free! Am I making sense? You bet I am......
Harry Gio February 06, 2013 at 03:47 PM
Sam Walton out-smarted EVERY grocery store chain in America by creating Walmart, the solution to overpaying... The parking lot at Walmart stores is always filled - from bell to bell... I guess Walmart is doing something right.
Harry Gio February 07, 2013 at 04:00 PM
Once that Jewel food store is closed, it should be divided into 6-8 smaller retail stores and rented out... As for Jewel, SEE YA !


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