Medical Marijuana Clinic Moves From Niles To Morton Grove

Niles found the clinic did not meet zoning regulations; the owners said they were looking for more parking, which is plentiful at the new space.

Green Bliss Clinic occupied this space on Milwaukee Avenue in Niles until recently. File photo by Pam DeFiglio, Patch.com.
Green Bliss Clinic occupied this space on Milwaukee Avenue in Niles until recently. File photo by Pam DeFiglio, Patch.com.

Green Bliss Clinic, which has two doctors on staff who will examine patients in order to possibly recommend them to receive medical marijuana when it becomes legal in Illinois Jan. 1, has moved from Niles to Morton Grove.

Some Niles village board members said they were not comfortable with having it in town, and the village staff found it did not meet the zoning requirements at its space in the 7500 block of Milwaukee Avenue, just south of Howard Street. 

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Joseph Dadivas, who has a masters degree in healthcare management and manages Green Bliss Clinic, said they have moved to a location at 6018, 6020 and 6022 West Dempster Street in Morton Grove. 

The two doctors who practice in the clinic are his father and brother.

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They were seeking more parking spaces, because parking at the Milwaukee Avenue location had become a problem, Joseph Dadivas said. After Green Bliss opened Oct. 4, a podiatrist's office opened, he said, and between the two of them, their patients used most of the 25 parking spaces in the lot, even though there were several more businesses, he said.

"There were 10 operating businesses, but only 25 parking spaces," he said. "Some of our patients had to park across the street and cross Milwaukee Avenue."

The new location has plenty of parking, he said. They are doing electrical work and other updating and maintenance to bring the 1960s-era office space up to building code, Dadivas said, and expect to open to see patients right around Christmas Day.

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Dadivas said the two doctors in the clinic had seen "a few hundred" people each week, and that the volume of patients had been increasing as Jan. 1, when medical marijuana becomes legal in Illinois, neared.

Pat Craig December 20, 2013 at 11:32 AM
Well, isn't that special?!? Niles trustees were uncomfortable with GREEN BLISS, but in a story in the Morton Grove Champion, (http://mortongrove.suntimes.com/news/pot-NIL-12112013:article Niles pot clinic moving to Morton Grove), it states; “We’re good to go there,” he, (the clinic owner, Dadivas said); "... all the paperwork is in order for the Green Bliss to operate in Morton Grove. the village is more than welcoming to house us.” Trustee Grear is in charge of economic development did he know? Where are all of the restaurants he promised for Dempster? Does a weed lounge substitute for a restaurant? Question is who from the Village knew and when ? The article states that the Village of MG welcomes the clinics , so who did they talk to at the Village? Our Mayor has been doing a lot of fast talking but, not to the press. Rumor has it that this clinic was booted from Chicago and Niles didn't want it, but Morton Grove expands its' liquor licenses and now a pot clinic is in the works. Somebody had to give the ok for them to lease space in MG. They must of talked to somebody. WHO? Since the owners of the GREEN BLISS said the expect to be seeing folks for evaluation in Morton Grove, it seems as though the NEW ACTION in Morton Grove will give residents, (at least some of them), a green Christmas. Feliz Navidad, and a very Ganja New Year.


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