Niles Starbucks Boasts Environmentally-Friendly Features

Recycled materials and water-saving devices in the LEED-certified building make fewer demands on the earth.

Once you enter the , you can breathe deeply--and not just because the coffee smells so good.

All the paints, sealants and adhesives used in the shop's construction are non-toxic and made from involatile organic compounds. Translated, that means they don't emit harmful gases or contribute to indoor air pollution. That makes them safer for people with chemical sensitivities.

"We take this seriously, since we have a reputation to uphold as the eco-green store," said Steve Rogers, one of the managers.


He ticked off a few other innovations in the store, at 7161 N. Milwaukee, Niles:

  • The shop is LEED-certified, meaning it has passed an independent organization's criteria for environmental responsibility
  • It uses compact fluorescent and LED lights to save energy
  • The chairs are made from recycled Coca-Cola bottles
  • The bathroom toilets flush with 1.5 gallons of water instead of the usual three gallons
  • The water filtration system aerates the water so that less water is used overall
  • The shop recycles
  • It has a bike rack to encourage alternative modes of transportation and reduce air pollution

"We even have a bike flat tire kit and tire pump on site," Rogers said, in case cyclists get stranded.

Patrons filled the shop on Thursday, working on laptops or sitting and talking over coffee.

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