Niles To Add Businesses In 2012

Paint center, fitness center, others coming on board; other businesses closed in 2011.

Niles will see some new businesses opening in 2012, despite the slow economy. Last year saw the close of some businesses, both long-established firms and businesses which never quite got off the ground.

Denise McCreery, who was village's business and marketing coordinator through Thursday, told Patch highlights for 2012 will include a Sears Home Store outlet, a Firestone tire center and a national paint retailer coming in, as well as an addition to Golf Mill Shopping Center. McCreery could not yet disclose the additions to Golf Mill, she said.

Sears outlet

The Sears Home Store outlet will open in the first quarter in Four Flaggs Shopping Center, at the southeast corner of Golf Road and Milwaukee Avenue.

"It's a retail outlet. They'll have surplus and discontinued items, floor samples and new concepts," McCreery said.


The opening counteracts a national trend in which Sears is closing some stores. McCreery noted the is one of the company's higher performers, and, because it's one of the closest to Sears' Hoffman Estates headquarters, it is often one of the first to carry new items, such as clothing, accessories and jewelry, before they're rolled out to the rest of the chain.

Firestone will fill Lone Star space

The former Lone Star restaurant space, in an outlot on Dempster and Harlem near and , will be filled by a Firestone Tire Center, McCreery said.

Union issues are delaying the opening, but they will get resolved, she said.

Harts Plaza

Some openings will occur at Harts Plaza, along the east side of Milwaukee north of Harts Road (about 7000 north), McCreery said. Development will occur in three phases, and construction for Phase 1 will start to accommodate a national-brand paint retailer.

Oakton and Prospect

The landlord of the newly-constructed strip mall at Oakton and Prospect Streets has several parties interested in renting, McCreery said, but has not signed any leases yet. The space is appropriate for medical offices and any businesses that have drop off and pick up customers, such as a dry cleaner, she added.

Grainger will stay until 2013

W.W. Grainger's Niles facility was planning to move out of Niles, but the move has been delayed. "Now they're saying 2013, and I'm not sure even that will be met," McCreery said.

Businesses which closed in 2011

Some of the firms which shut their doors last year include:

  • Metaldyne on Howard Street. A developer purchased the building and is breaking it up into three separate properties, McCreery said.
  • Argus Avante Graphics, a high-end printing firm, formerly called Universal Press. It had been operational for 70 years and had as many as 100 employees at one time, but had downsized significantly in recent years, McCreery said.
  • Blockbuster Video in the 5600 block of Touhy Avenue.
  • Mar-Jen Furniture on Milwaukee Avenue, which has reopened as Comforts of Home.
  • Cash Converters.
  • Filipiniana Restaurant on Golf Road.
  • Kalyva Restaurant, which had initially been called Elia when it opened, in the former Rossini's space on Milwaukee and Dempster.
  • Ankle and Foot Specialists on Harlem Avenue.
  • Northwest Community Credit Union, which moved to Morton Grove.
  • Work N' Gear, a uniform store, which lost its lease and moved to Morton Grove.

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Clark Kent January 13, 2012 at 03:20 PM
From this article it appears that Ms McCreery has left her sleepy, six-month unspectacular career as the so-called business promoter for NIles and its Robert's Rules of Order challenged Mayor... leaving the village with a few lightpole banners and a bunch of salary stubs. She was an appointee of none other than videogaming aficionado "Las Vegas Bob" Callero. As I remember, she was to promote Niles so that millions and millions of businesses would fight their way into Niles, but if they landed at Golf Mill would probably add additional cost to their products through a secret tax collected by the village which would then be given to Golf Mill to fix up what was being called a "blighted community." As expected by rational human thinkers, the job was a flop and maybe even a sop to political favorites. Political jobs---the real business of Niles politicians. Time to get a Patrick Fitzgerald to Niles and finish THE REAL JOB ! Even though it was a flop, we can probably expect casino-lovin' Callero to try to appoint another "favorite" to the spot. Here now is the opportunity for apparent reformers like Mrs. Palicki, Mr. Hynes and Mr. Hanusiak to step up to the plate and say "NO !" The new Niles Village Anthem http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_rWVZi1p6s&list=PLF1E3F02E17576296&index=44&feature=plpp_video
Dave Tresbin January 13, 2012 at 10:01 PM
Once again, another stellar inane comment by a person who doesn't have the guts to use his real name and chooses to hide behind the anonymity of the internet. Bravo Clark!


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