Northfield’s Proposed Dunkin Donuts Just a Sign Away

The proposed new development could move forward as soon as Jan. 19 if the village board approves signage changes.

Northfield could get its first drive-thru restaurant if the village board approves signage changes for a proposed Dunkin Donuts. 

"After being thoroughly vetted by the Village Board, Architectural Commission and the Plan & Zoning Commission at five separate meetings, the 6,300 square foot commercial development with the Dunkin Donuts as a primary tenant was approved by the Village Board at their December 3rd meeting," Steve Gutierrez, community development director for the Village of Northfield, wrote in an email.

The Dunkin Donuts, will take over the former BP location at 1900 Willow Rd. The proposed 1,900 square-foot store would include TVs, couches and possibly a fireplace, and employ softer signs and lights to add to the more upscale effect and cater to nearby residents. 

The village board asked the developers to make signage changes because they were not comfortable with the company’s color scheme and wanted a more traditional sign design as well as a ground sign that works with the Willow Road streetscape elements, Gutierrez said. 

Residents’ Concerns

Some residents who live on Crooked Creek Lane, which is directly south of the proposed store, say the new store and proposed drive-thru could bring traffic, noise and lighting issues.  

“I’ve worked hard all my life and I’ve earned the right not to get up at five in the morning,” Dean Poolis previously told Patch. 

Two driveway entrances have been proposed, one on Willow Road and one on Alice Place. The proposed drive-thru exit would put traffic onto Alice Place.  

Developers are expected to present plans for the revised signage at the Jan. 19 village board meeting.

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Lawrence December 12, 2012 at 07:17 PM
Disgusting! Northfield is is sacrificing class for cash. Time to move.
Pat & Jeanne Doherty December 12, 2012 at 11:24 PM
We'd like to see Baskin-Robbins accompany Dunkin' Donuts at this site. Every Caucus survey for years has emphasized residents' hope for an ice cream parlor &, in this case, it's a really short walk to enjoy one at Clarkson Park. Pat & Jeanne Doherty


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