Panera Launches Hidden Menu

The menu is only available to those who know about it.

Panera Bread has a "Hidden Menu" for customers. Although, at this point, the menu isn't really a big secret.

It isn't advertised, and when ordering you have to tell the cashier that you're ordering from the "Hidden Menu." The concept offers healthier eating choices and was developed by Scott Davis, Panera Bread's Chief Concept Officer.

According to Panera's website, the menu first launched in New York City in November. It is now at all Panera locations nationwide.

Breakfast choices include:

  • Power breakfast egg white bowl with roasted turkey
  • Power breakfast egg bowl with steak

Lunch and dinner choices include:

  • Power Mediterranean chicken salad
  • Power Mediterranean roasted turkey salad
  • Power chicken hummus bowl
  • Power steak lettuce wraps

You can try out the hidden menu items at the Panera Bread in Skokie at 9611 Skokie Blvd.


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Skokieguy February 14, 2013 at 12:43 PM
Who thinks that Panera needs to open in the old Desiree location? Two churches, library, village hall, two banks, the Skokie Theater, senior housing and condo buildings all within a few blocks. I think they'd need wheelbarrows to haul out the cash they'd make. Come on Panera!!!
Brian Hickey February 15, 2013 at 06:47 AM
Better yet, How about a Walker Brothers Pancake House. And there are three churches in that area. A day care center around the corner that might order in some breakfasts for the half pints. Have the parking in the rear. It wouldn't be close enough to Wilmette or Glenview as far as cannibalizing sales goes. Village hall across the street with all those overpaid loafers looking for a way to kill an hour. Accompanied perhaps by a mega news stand akin to the Evanston Newstand at Main and Chicago Avenues. A zillion different magazines and newspapers, with perhaps a small coffee cafe and donuts or pastries inside. They could get fresh sweet treats from Sweetie Pies every day...or even "day olds". Help their neighbor increase sales through a different avenue. Nope, that is all just too logical. Naaah, that all makes too much sense. We need another $1.3 Million subsidized ice cream shop. That Oberweis parking lot doesn't look all too crammed these days. Sorry Annies, that's capitalism. I am sure Tom Thompson, Al Rigoni, and Mayor VD are right on top of this though. The property just hasn't sat vacant long enough. Our shrewd mayor is a real estate expert. Look what a great job he did with the two good sized vacant parcels on Dempster near the swift. Those lots have only been empty for three years bnow and I doooo love looking at the large billboards sitting there with the list of village clowns on it.
Brian Hickey February 15, 2013 at 07:04 AM
The property is being "studied" no doubt. And you can't criticize our political cronies for the incredibly fast development tear they have been on. There might be a donut shop or hair salon and nail shop on those parcels by 2020 at the current rate. Perhaps a martial arts studio. The way things are looking of late, we are going to need a lot more of the latter. I am sure there is a very good reason that they haven't hired professional real estate firms/ brokers like Mid America Realty or Coldwell to market those two parcels. Our guys in village hall are much brighter than real estate professionals who do "it" every day for a living. I am sure Mid America just "got lucky" on the successful lease up of the NWC of Gross Point and Dempster. Those parcels will most likely still be vacant when Mayor Fozzy and his cronies retire or die off.
Brian Hickey February 15, 2013 at 07:09 AM
How about Perille? Who ever would have thought he would make it to 84. And still insightful and brilliant. Such a shame he is retiring. I would bet he would be even sharper at 90. (perhaps without a pulse though) The Mayor and Rigoni know full well they are stinking up this town. They are just too cowardly or egotistic to admit it and move on. You would think maybe just once they would give us a break and go. S.O.S. Save our Skokie. From our hacks and amateurs. Grab ahold of something sturdy folks...it's going to be a bumpy ride. Tighten your seat belts. Wouldn't you rather look at inspirational "Downtown Skokie Re-invented" posters? It's so soothing while you sit at the Lincoln Avenue and Oakton stoplight. Sort of like ...something permanent in these fast changing times. Multi-colored spaghetti on a fork. A Gordian Knot might be more apropos. Most likely, Niles North and West students would be unfamiliar with the term though.


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