Patch Portrait: A Superhero Barista Serves Truth, Justice and Coffee

This weeks Patch Portraits also features a Glenview cancer survivor and a 11-year-old social entrepreneur from Winnetka.

This week's Patch Portraits was produced and edited by Philip Downie, Sara Fay, Andrea Hart and Carrie Porter. Check back on Mondays for the next installment.

Also showcased, a and a 11-year-old social entrepreneur from Winnetka.

Truth, justice and coffee are served with a grin at a local coffee shop in Morton Grove, Super Cup.

Tucked behind Lincoln Avenue, the one-room coffeehouse serves as the village's watering hole. Owner Bill Wegner said he fell in love with the camaraderie of the place, and hopes that it will reach deeper into the community as news of its superpowers (i.e. community and trust) spread.

Wegner, a Skokie resident, said the coffee shop seemed like a perfect place to elaborate on his personal favorite pop culture icon, Superman. For five years, he's been the one-man show at the coffeehouse, with the occasional help from his wife and kids. 

For now, you can stop by any morning to get your daily caffeine with a side of mischief, served with an update on the sidewalk construction outside, the latest politics at the library or a fiery debate on socialism, capitalism and Morton Grovism.


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