Readers Choice: Family-Friendly Places?

You had kids; you might as well enjoy them. Tell us the best family-friendly places in the area that kids and parents enjoy.


Maybe your idea of fun is a sophisticated dinner with wine. Maybe your kid's idea of fun is bouncing on a trampoline and giggling until he's out of breath, or feeding tokens into an arcade game, or somethine else that evokes laughter and delight.

Face it.  Your kid is not going to sit still while you measure the merits of merlot, so you might as well go for the activities he or she will have a great time with.

Tell us the best family-friendly activities in the Niles-Morton Grove area. You can vote anytime up until the deadline Friday, March 9 at 9 a.m.

Small business owners, think of this as your chance to show off your business' products and services.

Please vote only once in the poll, and scroll down to the comments to tell us your thoughts about the places. Because the poll is not scientific, Patch editors will use the comments to help determine the winners.

Choices include Glen Grove Equestrian Center, , , and .

Have fun!


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