Readers Debate Morton Grove Sexy-Server Bar

Some saw no problem with 'Tilted Kilt' coming in, while others raised concerns about the servers' scanty costumes and the fact it would be close to homes and possibly be open until 3 a.m.


Morton Grove-area residents expressed a wide variety of opinions in response to a Patch article Wednesday about a Tilted Kilt bar-restaurant proposed for Dempster Street at Lehigh Street. 

Patch conducted a poll on the topic, but the results are inconclusive.

In a lively online discussion, some said the low-cut, exposed-midriff, mini-skirt costumes the waitresses wear would lower community standards, while others said they are no big deal.

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Melissa Albertson said, "My son goes to Park View elementary. Seems Morton Grove is bringing out one fabulous after school program after another. For a while now my son has gotten homework help at the hooka lounge, and now he'll be able to get after school milk and cookies, along with some attentive baby sitting.

Way to go MG. What a way to demonstrate the town's values and moral fiber...."

However, "Palos Park Resident" said, "Love the Kilt, I bring my family there all the time in Joliet. If you have a TV with basic channels, you are getting more of a risque exposure than coming to a Tilted Kilt. The food is great, and love the atmosphere...It is not a strip joint, or a brothel....it is a pub."

Concerns over traffic, increased crime

Others brought up the fact the proposed bar could have an impact on traffic, crime and safety. 

Jeanne Robbie said: "I am not concerned about scantily clad women nor am I an opponent of attracting businesses to our community to increase our tax revenue. What I am concerned about is late business hours, traffic routed down our residential streets and the potential increased crime incidents as documented in police reports in other communities where Tilted Kilt and other like businesses are located, any or all of which could impact the safety and well being of our residents and the feel of our Morton Grove community."

Would it succeed in that location?

Still others wondered whether a Tilted Kilt could be profitable in a quiet area of Dempster near the forest preserves. Sarah B noted: "...it seems highly unlikely that a Tilted Kilt will be profitable in that location, given that Crazy Jaws on Waukegan closed after less than a year... 

"The worst outcome would be that this turns into an ugly fight and the TK goes in over objections but then fails, leaving the village with yet another building sitting empty and not generating revenue. Can't we just skip the battle and put in a place that's suitable for all interested parties--something that would avoid the outrage over inappropriateness and generate the revenue that everyone wants?"

Poll shut down

Patch's poll, which went up on the site Wednesday morning, had about 120 votes by Wednesday night, and they were running about 60 percent in favor of the viewpoint "Yes. The costumes aren't that skimpy, and it will add to Morton Grove's tax base" and about 40 percent for "No. The costumes and atmosphere are not appropriate for a family-friendly community like Morton Grove."

However, Patch polls are not scientific, and by Thursday night, the poll had about 1,257 votes, of which about 95 percent took the "no" position. The poll has been shut down, and results are inconclusive.

My fellow Patch editor George Slefo in Skokie once responded this way to a similar occurrence with a Patch poll: 

"There isn't a limit to how many straws you can take from a McDonald’s counter. There also isn’t a limit to how many Equals you take for your coffee.

"But we know taking all of them is wrong.

"The same holds true when voting."

Red Sam Rackham June 27, 2012 at 02:12 PM
Hey Jim Aparo, love your sarcasm!☺ ... Meanwhile I suspect that sherwin's opposition to TK coming to Morton Grove may be for 1 of 2 reasons; He is actually a she and not a particularly good looking 1 and therefore intimidated by hot looking babes working in MG or he is gay. Just guessing, mind y'all. And Jim, I believe folks who'd go to TK would be going there to have a nice evening out without having to travel too far and not "just to look at the women." After all if we just wanna look at hot babes we can always watch a rerun of Charlie's Angels or 3's Company on TV.
Red Sam Rackham June 27, 2012 at 02:17 PM
The village is already in financial difficulty. Many stores on Dempster have been empty for some time with no one looking to open business in them. Homes for sale in MG are not selling. And I don't see TK as "sleazy" (sic). Like most I just see a nice sports bar with lovely waitresses in miniskirts that would not "turn this nice area into a sleezy honky tonk neighborhood." So sorry that you can't get past your archaic prudish attitude and understand that. I really feel sorry 4 U.
Red Sam Rackham June 27, 2012 at 02:18 PM
Right on. Sol!☺☺
DMD June 29, 2012 at 10:10 AM
Sherwin, no has said that Tilted Kilt is the savior to MG, but it's a start. I don't know where you're getting your reasoning from by assuming that a sports bar like Tilted Kilt would turn MG "sleezy honky tonk neighborhood"? You make it sound like this place is reserved for rowdy bikers on Harleys or stupid drunktards stumbling out the door like zombies looking for trouble. Or that the waitresses strut around outside in their uniforms. Your assumptions just make you sound close minded and foolish. Have you ever been to a Tilted Kilt? There's one in Schaumburg, check it out. Better yet. Go to Hooters. You'll find the same type of people that go here are the same type that go to TGIFridays or Chili's for dinner. I see entire families w/ young children eating at Hooters for a nice family outing, and nothing bad happened!! If you remember, the last thing to occupy that space was....A SPORTS BAR!!!!!! Trackside Tap that had been there as long I can remember. And I was sad to see it go since I had only been there once, very briefly, and wished I gone there more often. Did that sports bar ruin MG? I said it before, MG is lacking in entertainment. Before Crazy Jaws, we had Rivals/Champs for a while, and was there trouble? I didn't witness any. I miss Rivals! I loved that place. Whatever happened to Pequods? Weren't the going to open a new location in the vacant lot next to Gunzos?
Catherine Peters July 01, 2012 at 03:22 PM
Mr. Rackham, do you always call people who disagree with you "ignorant, pompous @$$e$", or stating about a man who doesn't want the Tilted Kilt could be voicing his opinion in the negative because " He is actually a she and not a particularly good looking 1 and therefore intimidated by hot looking babes working in MG or he is gay. " You are a bully of the highest order and should be ashamed of yourself. Why is it that liberals are allowed this type of hate speech and not conservatives? For my part, I believe that Morton Grove can and should aim higher than the Twisted Kilt. Maxwells, which was formerly on that site, was wildly successful, and another restaurant could be the same. I believe that more (sorely needed) tax revenue can be generated by an establishment that is less niche-oriented.


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