Librarian Loves Nurturing Young Bookworms

This week's Patch Portrait also features Northbrook's historian and Wilmette's barber family.

This week's Patch Portrait also features and .

Cooking classes, improv, language club, knitting and video games are just some of the methods Morton Grove Public Library's Young Adult Services Librarian Jill Wehrheim uses to encourage more teens to spend time at the building.

"It's easy to lose them because they don't think of the library as a place to hang out," stated Wehrheim as she led two teen girls in a knitting class.

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Wehrheim got her Masters in Library Sciences at the University of Iowa, and having an affinity for young adult fiction, she always knew she wanted to work with teens. "I knew I wanted to work with young adult books, so I looked for those kind of positions and ended up here. I really love it," she told Patch.

Wehrheim said her favorite part of her job is getting to talk with teens to find out what they are reading these days.  

"I like getting to talk to these guys, finding out what they're up to, what books they're reading, just finding out things they enjoy."


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