Which Were the Best Super Bowl Ads?

From cars to Clydesdales, babies to oldsters, with voodoo and dancing pistachios and a desert mirage thrown in, this year's commercials ran the gamut. But were they good?


There was the prom guy in the Audi, the goat with a Doritos habit, the Clydesdale who found his childhood friend and a model who wasn't about to let a geek kick her Kia's tires.

That barely scratches the surface of this year's Super Bowl ads, which ran the gamut between retro and of-the-moment, human and many varieties of animal and fantasy to absurdity. Especially the one where the geek got to kiss the model, which, frankly, had a high ewww factor.

Many of the ads would have appealed more to viewers a generation or two ago, said the New York Times, citing a mother-in-law joke in a Century 21 ad and dancing pistachios that echoed a 1952 commercial of dancing packs of Old Gold cigarettes

The New York Daily News really didn't like the GoDaddy ad, and thought Kia's model picking up and throwing the geek was more realistic. It also mentioned that the Budweiser Clydesdale ad got to you even though you could see what was coming. 

The take from the Miami Herald is that Super Bowl ads were infected with terminal weirdness--and that's not even counting the ad from a condom manufacturer that got censored (but not for the reasons you might think). 

On Niles Patch's Facebook page, women praised the Calvin Klein ad, which featured an athletic, sculpted male model wearing Calvin skivvies. (See what you're missing? You really should like Niles-Morton Grove Patch on Facebook.)

Which ads did you think fumbled, and which scored? Tell us in the comments, below.  

MIKE February 05, 2013 at 03:31 AM
Who cares? The game is what counts.


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