Recycle Electronics at Saturday Event

You can also have financial papers, other sensitive documents shredded. Remember, the law now prohibits putting electronics out with regular garbage. They must be recycled.


Did your TV, computer or other electronic devices get damaged in the flood? Or maybe they weren't, but you still want to get rid of them.

You can't put them out with the trash. The law now requires them to be recycled.

You can to that Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon at a Document Destruction and Electronics Recycling Event sponsored by the Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County at the Village of Wheeling's Public Works Facility, 77 W. Hintz Drive, Wheeling.

You must live in a SWANCC member community to be able to recycle electronics or get sensitive documents, such as bank statements and financial papers, shredded.  Niles, Morton Grove and Park Ridge are some of the 22 member communities. SWANCC said it will check IDs.

SWANCC will sponsor other recycling and document destruction events throughout the summer. The events are designed to take household materials, not materials from schools, businesses or institutions.

As SWANCC residents drive up in their vehicles, workers will unload the paper documents and electronics.

Typical documents to shred include medical forms, bank statements, personal files and retired tax forms.  Staples and paper clips are acceptable, but binders should be removed.  Residents will be limited to six file-size boxes or paper shopping bags per vehicle.  Do not bring paper in plastic bags. 

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 Under the new Illinois Product Recycling and Reuse Act, instituted on January 1, 2012, the following electronics are prohibited from being thrown away in the garbage: Computers (desktops, notebooks, tablets), Computer monitors, Printers, Cable receiver, Computer cable, Converter boxes, DVD players, Fax machines, Keyboards, Mice, Mobile telephones, MP3 players, PDAs, Satellite receivers, Scanners, Televisions, Video game consoles, VHS players, and Zip drives. Materials from businesses, institutions or schools will not be accepted.

All paper is shredded on site by Accurate Document Destruction, a division of Groot Industries, and the electronics will be recycled by Supply-Chain Services.  For more information about these companies, please visit shredd.net or supply-chainservices.com.

For more information on SWANCC’s recycling events or other recycling information, please contact the Agency at (847) 724-9205 or visit SWANCC’s website at swancc.org.



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