Did the Virgin Mary Appear at a Suburban Church?

Also in this week's 'Good Reads,' we've got gorgeous photos of a Frank Lloyd Wright home for sale and a local woman wins big in the lottery.

It’s the weekend, and that often means you want to take a break from the news of the day. Each week, we’ll compile a list of “good reads” from Patch sites around the area. They’re happy or compelling or otherwise interesting stories for your weekend reading pleasure.

Did the Virgin Mary Appear at a Suburban Church?

A photo taken by a parishioner at Our Lady of Perpetual Help shows a white light that appears to look like the Virgin Mary.

Woman Wins $2 Million in Lottery

“I’m so sad that my Dominick’s store is closing, however, I am so happy I won the lottery there! What a wonderful way to say good-bye,” the winner said.

Man Scales Mt. Kilimanjaro for JDRF

Andrew Krupp wanted to do something for his niece, Katy McGregor, who suffers from diabetes, and the organization dedicated to fighting it, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

In May, he decided to climb one of the world’s tallest peaks, Mt. Kilimanjaro, to raise awareness about the disease.

Frank Lloyd Wright Home to Hit the Market at $2.4M

Check out these gorgeous photos of Wright’s first independent commission, the William Winslow House.

College Student Invents Digital Watch for Standardized Testing

Jordan Liss is 20 and taking business classes while running a company he founded to sell digital watches to help students improve their testing scores.


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