Bye Summer, We Miss You Already

Recapping summer memories makes us wish we could do it all over again.

I definitely had one of the best summers of my life. Only four weeks ago I was in summer school, and now my junior year of high school starts on Monday; I cannot believe how fast this summer went by. 

I had an extremely eventful summer, I got my license, played softball, went to seminars, took vacations and hung out with friends. 

Getting your license is one of the best things that happens to you when you are a teenager; it is the first of the many steps toward becoming independent. I have only had my license for two months and I have driven more than I could ever imagine. It's great not to have rely on others to get you where you need to go, and to leave places when you are ready, not when your driver is. A lot of my friends have gotten their licenses this summer too and it is amazing! If we want to go to the movies or to the pool or the mall, we can (as long as we have permission to use the car). 

Being on a Co-Rec softball team with my friends was something that I had a fantastic time doing. All summer long I got to see all my friends on the team every Saturday, since we had a game, and then a few times during the week when we would get together and either practice or just have some “team bonding”, code for go swimming and hangout at someone’s house. This was definitely one of the highlights of my summer. No, we were not the best team in the league, but we ended strong, winning 8 games total; we were very proud of ourselves for doing so well, considering how much we improved. We hope to play as well at the beginning of next year as we did at the end of this year. Us girls on the team had sleepovers and hung out all summer long, and we called it “Co-Rec Girls Bonding”; it was so much fun and I loved every minute of it. 

I really got a lot out of the two seminars that I went to (as you may know if you read one of my previous posts). Overall, they were an extremely good experience and the fact that one of them was in Arizona didn’t hurt, either. We got there a few days early and got to chill in the sun, well, technically we were in the water the majority of the time because the Arizona heat made it impossible to be outside of the water. 

For one of my friend’s birthday, we went to Wisconsin Dells with her family. We were in the car for three plus hours and we jammed in the car, belting our favorite songs at the top of our lungs! I got to spend the day riding waterslides and swimming in the wave pool with people I love hanging out with, what more could I ask for?

For another friend’s birthday, we went to Indiana to go see a Big Time Rush concert. For those of you who do not know, Big Time Rush is a boy band, who have a show on Nickelodeon. None of us really watch the show, but we love their music! It is not the typical Nick/Disney band that no one wants to listen to. Their music is catchy and really good! Once again, the drive to there was a little over three hours, so that meant another long car ride singing our hearts out, only this time, the majority of the music was BTR (Big Time Rush) because we needed to make sure we knew the lyrics so we were prepared for the concert. A few days prior we all made shirts to wear to show what big fans we are, of course!

The concert was outdoors in a stadium at the Indiana State Fair, we got the cheapest seats, which meant we were in the back corner, but we didn’t mind one bit. Being all the way in the back meant that we could stand up and dance and sing, ultimately looking like utter fools, but no one was behind us to make fun of us, which was definitely enjoyable. Because of weeks and weeks of only listening to BTR and only BTR, we knew all of the words to ALL of the songs, when most people did not.  We even knew the words to their new single, which most people didn’t even know existed, therefore everyone was looking back at us, belting the words at the top of our lungs and having a fantastic time!

School starts on Monday and I really wish it didn’t. Once school starts, it is going to be crazy, especially since it is going to be my junior year of high school. I am going to be stressed out with the three A.P. classes I am going to be taking, as well as the ACT’s later in the year; I honestly don’t know how I am going to do it. I am going into my junior year knowing how tough and stressful it is going to be, even though I know I shouldn’t. All year I am going to be looking forward to my next summer, wishing it was summer, and knowing that my high school years will soon be coming to an end, which is crazy to even think about! I have to start looking at colleges and figuring out what it is I want to do with my life.

I don’t feel old enough to do that. 

This summer has no doubt been the best I have ever had, and I owe it all to my friends and family. Even though I technically only had one month of summer, thanks to my decision to take six weeks of U.S. History, it is one that made memories to last a lifetime.  


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