Do I Jump For Joy or Cry?

The Fish family is close to being finished with preschool forever.

Chloe remembers one good friend from preschool.  Olivia doesn't remember much from preschool either.  Seth finishes preschool this week and I think he's going to remember everything.  I know I will.  Right?

I remember their teachers, their friends, the thousands of art projects that we hung on our basement walls.  My kids truly loved their preschool experience.  As did I.  For so many reasons.  But now that we are almost done with preschool forever, part of me is happy to be done. But the other part, just wants to cry.

All together, my kids spent ten years in preschool programs.  Having experienced several different preschool programs and many, many teachers, what is better than preschool?  My kids loved going to preschool.  They get to play with new friends, new and different toys, learn new games, do art projects and spend time with teachers who are there to play with them.  

No dishes, no laundry, no errands, just full-on attention to the kids.  And the teachers are with the kids just long enough to really get to know them, enjoy them and just as the kids get cranky, antsy and tired, they go home.  What a concept.

As a mom, I am really excited for my son to start Kindergarten.  He is ready and is very psyched to start at his "big sister's" school.  That is cool.  It's a really big step in his life and he is really proud.  Kindergarten is also one minute from my house, not the twelve minutes I drive each way to preschool now.  That's a huge bonus.

Another reason to jump for joy is we don't have to pay for Kindergarten.  I mean, we do, with taxes, but not another out-of-pocket expense.  And while the thought of full day Kindergarten would be welcomed, I am happy that I will still get a fair amount of one-on-one time with my little guy for another year.  It is time I look forward to every day.

I guess the worst part about being done with Preschool forever, is it means my kids are growing up.  Sometimes it is even hard for me to remember my older girls as the little peanuts my son is now.  And by starting Kindergarten, it means that he is growing up too.  And fast.  I'm not very happy about that part.

Can I jump for joy while crying?

Debra E. Thome May 30, 2011 at 03:39 AM
Yes, you can jump for joy while crying! I did when Seth graduated from my preschool class! It was such a pleasure to have him in class. He is an amazing little boy,(who I miss) and you are a wonderful mom. I know he will have a great kindergarten experience! My best to both of you. Love, Debra Thome :)
Elizabeth Fish June 06, 2011 at 12:11 AM
Thank you!!! I've decided I'm going to be happy. What a difference a year makes-and no way we could have made it here without an amazing teacher like you!


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