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Letter to the Editor: Niles trustees are wasting the village's time and money.


The following letter to the editor reflects the opinions of the author, and Patch merely provides a forum where readers can express their views. 

Things that are happening right now in the village between the trustees and our mayor are wasting time and taxpayers' money.

Being a member of Zoning and Planning Commission for nine years, a precinct captain for 12, and on the Sister Cities Commitee for eight and chairman for the last five years, and a retired trustee, I have been part of the village of Niles in all different facets and levels of politics.

Also owning Kappy's Restaurant, which has been called a hub of community interaction over the last three decades, I feel it's time for me to speak up. I want to voice not only my opinion, but the opinions of the vast majority of citizens in our community and those of members of surrounding communities. 

The village of Niles over the last five decades has been respected, and many have tried to emulate it from coast to coast in the U.S. 

Over the last two years, Louella Preston, and now Jim Hynes, have taken the village from that point to now what seems to be a sideshow for Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus. The amount of fighting, discontent and chaos has gone from the village board room to the streets of our village.

It has caused disruption and low morale amongst the citizens, village employees and neighboring communities. No matter what is said, 47 years prior, the village was always run well, with great services for seniors and citizens, and everyone was proud to be part of our village. 

One of the latest and greatest examples is the second attorney who is now working pro bono for the village. As stated in the meeting, he's pro bono until there can be a line item added for his fees.

Historically, a second attorney is brought into a municipality or village when there is disarray amongst the board members and/or the mayor.  

In times when we're trying to save money, hiring a second attorney or adding him to the budget line is a waste of our dollars. We're not fooled by what that second attorney is going to do. The sole purpose of putting him on that line item is for Louella and Jim to try and oust department heads, empower themselves and try and backdoor what is a state law.

All of this playground foolishness needs to end. Mayor Callero should be given his due respect and left to do his job the way he knows best. 

If we don't feel he's doing his job for the best we have the right to vote him out, but until that point comes, that lies in our hands and not in theirs.

Please stop this child's play and foolishness. Stop wasting our money. Do what we elected you to do and get to work.

Even with Mayor Callero playing babysitter to Preston and Hynes, he has done an amazing job with such a transition. Imagine how much more he could do if there was harmony. Park your egos at the door and see what happens, kids, I bet it will be a lot better!

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