Letter from the Editor: A Tale of Two Cities?

Morton Grove resident and Action Party President Mark Matz offers his thoughts on the state of the village.

How do we view Morton Grove? As a divided, damaged village with no hope, lamenting our past? Or are we a united, resilient community ready to meet future challenges in pioneering ways? I hope we share a positive outlook and use that when providing constructive input to our elected officials. For those who only see the negative, please take another look around your home town today.  

It is a unique, diverse community with roots reaching back deep into the 19th century. Our village can and will work together to face new opportunities while digging out from the economic crisis.   
No government is perfect since it is a human creation. The American form of democracy is still the best one on the planet. What makes it great? When you participate in government and learn directly about the people and practices of your village administration, volunteer commissions and staff.  Click on: www.mortongroveil.org.   
I hope you will support those people who share in a positive vision for our future. The candidates and elected officials of the Action Party will continue to work for you and for all who comprise the great mosaic that is Morton Grove today (a great place to live, work and raise a family).   
Visit www.actionparty.org or Action Party of Morton Grove on Facebook to learn more. Exercise your right to vote on April 5 (early voting March 14 to 31 at Village Hall). Please choose Shel Marcus, John Thill and Maria Toth for your Village Trustees and keep the team together that is moving Morton Grove forward.

Thank you!     


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