Letter to the Editor: Recap of National Night Out

Sgt. Robert Tornabene.of the Niles Police Department thanks all those who helped with National Night Out.

Thank you to the residents, organizations and businesses of Niles who provided support, assistanceand volunteers to the 2012 National Night out.

Thank you to Mayor Robert M. Callero and the Village of Niles Trustees, including trustees Chris Hanusiak, Andrew Przybylo and Rosemary Palicki who were in attendance at the event. A special thank you to U.S. House of Representative Jan Schakowsky (9th District) who was in attendance and spoke to the community at the event.

Thanks to Niles Village Manager George Van Geem and Officer Dan Borkowski who volunteered to be in our dunk tank. The community truly enjoyed the dunk tank.

Thank you to the Niles Park District, Director Joe Lo Verde and the Board of Commissioners for their untiring support of the National Night Out both in providing space, support and partnership in this event. Park District Employee James Majewski was a great help this year.

“It is events like the National Night Out that bring the community and the police closer," said Chief of Police Dean Strzelecki. “This close relationship makes the community stronger and ultimately assists the police department. The Niles Police Department will continue to use events such as the National Night Out to reach out to the community.”

Thank you to everyone who participated. A special thanks to the following business and organizations.

The Niles Police Department would like to recognize our partners and sponsors who contributed tothis event including Target, Niles Fire Department, Coca Cola, St. John Brebuef, Chasers Bar, Morrison’s Roadhouse, Binny’s Beverage Depot, DMZ Café, Brunswick Zone, Here’s Cheers, Playbook Sports Bar, Nicky’s Bar and Mango.

A recap of the activities is listed below.

The 2012 National Night out was a great success. The National Night Out had approximately 700 visitors to Washington Park. Here are the rundown on activities, exhibitors, food and the event.


The community consumed over 300 hotdogs and buns, provided by Kappy’s Restaurant, 200 bags of potato chips, 3,500 ounces of soft drinks provided by Coca Cola, 3,000 ounces of water and 350 bags of popcorn.


There were 20 exhibitors at this year’s event, more than ever before. Our exhibitors included Visiting Angels of Northwest Chicago, Niles Family Fitness Center, Niles Teen Center, North Suburban Emergency Communications Center, Grosse Pointe Manor, Niles Public Library, New York Life, Ashley Furniture, New Breed Training Center, Niles Crime Stoppers, Maine Community Youth Assistance Foundation, Target, Niles Police Department – Crime Prevention Unit, Niles Police Department –Evidence Technicians, Volunteers In Police Service, NIPAS Emergency Services Team, and the Niles Fire Department Explorers.


We had five major activities this year:

The Niles Police Challenge “Distracted and Impaired Driver Challenge”

The course offered two modalities, impaired and distracted driver simulations. Participants would drive a golf cart. The participant would then either wear “fatal vision” goggles or use an electronic device, like a cellular telephone or ipod. The participants then would have to drive through the course while doing one of the two activities listed above. Participants would completed the course were given a T-shirt. The sponsors of this event included Binny’s Beverage Depot, Brunswick Zone, Chasers, DMZ Café, Here’s Cheers Bar, Mango Restaurant, Morrison’s Roadhouse, Nicky’s Bar and Playbooks Sports Bar.

New Breed Jiu Jitsu “Self-Defense Demonstration”

New Breed Jiu Jitsu, a Niles business, demonstrated some very eye opening self-defense moves to the community from the perspective of a male and a female. The demonstration included skills on how to escape a bear hug, head lock and an attacker with a weapon.

“Think to your Future” by George Alpogianis

George Alpogianis provided a detailed account on how young people should learn from his mistakes. That understanding how getting involved in a wrong crowd and experimenting with drugs can lead a person down a path that can effect their life far beyond what they may think. It was a very well received presentation.

“Tobacco and Alcohol Stink”

The Niles Police Department Volunteers in Police Service presented to youths, teens, adults and seniors an interactive visual and sensory experience on the effects that alcohol and tobacco can have on your body. Many people truly did not know that there were over 400 chemicals in tobacco. Nor did some young people realize that 1½ ounces of alcohol in a shot, 12 ounces beer and 6 ounces of wine or liquor all have the same alcohol amount. They learned that the volume is the only difference. A true eye opener for some.

Dunk Tank

Thanks to Village Manager George Van Geem and Officer Dan Borkowski for taking the plunge in ourdunk tank.

The End

The night culminated with a flashlight walk. Over 400 people participated in the flashlight walk, the largest group ever.

Thank you to everyone who participated. A special thanks to the following business and organizations Target, Coca Cola, St. John Brebuef, Chasers Bar and Restaurant for providing support, food, soft drinks, chairs and ice.

We hope to see you next year.

Sgt. Robert Tornabene

Niles Police Department


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