Limit Trustees To 3-4 Terms; Mayor OK Longer

A Letter to the Editor regarding the proposed ballot initiative on term limits in Village of Niles government.


I am VERY happy to see that term limits are finally being brought to our village. I am PRO such a movement. I feel that the trustees should be limited to 3-4 terms or 12-16 years.


As in running a business, which parallels a municipality, there needs to be stability, yet changes made to keep current with times that are constantly on the move.

For a trustee, the first four years involves falling into place and learning the workings of our village. The second and third terms are when they can make their mark for our betterment. The fourth should be used in making sure that the newly elected or appointed trustees are "tutored" in a fashion that will keep OUR village strong and stable.

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Anything more than that is a waste of our time and money. As for the mayor, I believe that office should be kept separate without concurrent terms being counted. The mayor has a totally separate agenda and job description. He/She is like the head of a family, and we always need such guidance and support.

If a trustee does well and reaches their limit, why not have that person man the ship for a couple of terms to strengthen the roots that much more. I wish I had signed the petition, but I wasn't asked. You can bet that as Precinct 1 Captain, I WILL push for it on my end!!

George Alpogianis

Jac Charlier August 03, 2012 at 01:03 AM
Thanks George for writing the article. I agree with term limits. I do not understand why the mayor should be different. I am not convinced that position fits the role of a "head of family". Seems like the wrong context. Very open to listening. Thanks.
CK August 03, 2012 at 01:42 AM
I am staring to understand Niles politics. This George I have learned is some kind of protege to Nick Blase the convicted mayor. Blase was mayor for 50 years and George thinks thats ok? That sounds like some kind of Corleone talk. Maybe George and the Blase group want a mayor elected for life and no body asks questions just obey the Boss? At the next election the Womans League should wire all candidates to ppolygraphs and have the needles seen on closed circuit tv so people asking questions of the candidates can see the results.
George D. Alpogianis August 05, 2012 at 01:26 PM
With all of the above comments, I need to reiterate what I wrote. First of all Mary, I was working all day at Kappy's and was not fortunate enough to be at the parade. my shift was 7:30 am - 3 pm. Was a look alike unfortunately. Secondly, I stated that the mayoral office should be separate with shorter term limits than the trustees, not longer. Please re-read my original letter and thank you for the comments.
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