Mayor, Trustee Created Carnival Atmosphere

Mayor Callero has not learned etiquette when it comes to the treatment of women trustees or the conduct of meetings by parliamentary rules.

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Although Mardi Gras happened officially last February, Mayor Callero and Trustee Przybylo have created yet another carnival atmosphere of their own during the meeting of April 18th. The purpose of the meeting was to provide the Board of Trustees with the opportunity to retain an attorney for the purpose of advice and possible representation with issues that might create a conflict of interest for the village attorney. From a simple motion for this, there emerged another near shouting match provoked by Mr. Callero.

Opposing view: Mayor Accuses Trustees of Power Grab

Following upon comments by Mr. Przybylo who opposed the proposed ordinance, but who strangely suggested each trustee should be appropriated $10,000 in the next budget for exactly the same reason, Mr. Callero began his recurring harassment of Mrs. Preston and attacks on the integrity of Mr. Hynes and Mr. LoVerde.

Just like his odd behavior last September when he huffed and puffed and stormed out of a meeting because Mrs. Preston wanted to delay the opening of an executive session, Mr. Callero continued to tell Mrs. Preston “You may leave if you don’t like it.” Moreover, he told Mr. LoVerde” “Joe, you may leave.” This is not the behavior which should be displayed by any elected official of Niles. I and other trustees have repeatedly pushed for the videotaping of meetings for public review on the village web site so that everybody can see their elected officials in action. Mr. Callero has constantly dragged his feet on this issue and continues to do so, and this is perhaps the reason why he does that- he doesn’t want anyone to see him in action. Mr. Callero has demonstrated that even after serving on the village board under the Blase reign, he still has not learned the proper etiquette either in the treatment of women trustees or the conduct of meetings by established parliamentary rules.

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Gags April 23, 2012 at 02:47 PM
This is getting to be a joke. NO WAY should any Trustee have and special "funds" be "appropriated" for their own damn ANYTHING. Especially not attorneys. Total waste of taxpayer money. Are these people capable of just guiding this town without their own personal agendas getting in the way ? When will these people stop worrying about "the previous reign of Mayor Bllase" and start working on the issues at hand ?
Pat Tackett April 24, 2012 at 01:49 AM
Gags: I agree. There should be no special funds. That said, I am not sure of the facts surrounding the request but would think that, if village trustees feel the need for independent counsel on issues because the village attorney is employed at the will of a mayor, something is out of whack. Perhaps a better approach would be having no village attorney on staff and having an independent firm of attorneys on retainer to the village: mayor and trustee's alike.


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