Respect Other Candidate's Views, Supporters

Let's stop the childishness and bickering that have appeared in the comments on Patch, Anthony Hofeld says in a Letter to the Editor. If you support a candidate, stick to saying positive things about them, he adds.


The following Letter to the Editor states the opinions of the author. Patch.com is serving as a platform for writers to express their views. 

Here we are, just over a week from the primary election (at time of writing), and I am getting sick of the childlike bickering and accusations that have been been in evidence in many of the letters to the Morton Grove Patch, and the comments that were subsequently submitted by the letter-writers’ supporters/detractors. It reminds me of the lead-up to our national election last November, which in many ways struck me as shameful. This is not the way that Morton Grove gets things done.

As residents of Morton Grove we are faced with an important decision on February 26, 2013; which Action Party candidate, Dan DiMaria or Dan Staackmann, will we choose to run for Village President in the General Election on April 9, 2013?

This decision should be made based upon the person who the majority of us feel would do the best job leading the village residents, the trustees and the village staff over the next 4 years. Who the majority of us feels has the best plan and ability to implement that plan over the next four years. Who the majority of us feels would best represent the needs, hopes and aspirations of the residents of our village.

I believe that this person is Dan DiMaria, as I have written previously. I don’t support Dan DiMaria because I am “against” Dan Staackmann. I support Dan DiMaria because I believe that Dan DiMaria is the right person for the current times and needs. He has an optimism, an energy, a drive and a vision that is contagious, and will naturally make business owners want to be associated with him and the Village of Morton Grove. He is a person who connects well with others, seeks to understand their problems and concerns, and immediately thinks of ways to address those concerns. He is the person who I will vote for on February 26, 2013.

Now you may disagree with me about Dan DiMaria, or you may have no opinion whatsoever. While I will try to persuade you to support Dan DiMaria’s candidacy, I respect your right to (respectfully) disagree with my opinion, and to support Dan Staackmann or no one at all on February 26th. But please join me in showing respect for both candidates, the process and each other between now and then. Don’t post a childish, inflammatory comment or accusation in response to this letter or others over this next week. Instead, I encourage anyone who wishes to comment to write positive things, explaining why s/he supports their candidate. It is in this way that we can most respectfully and positively show our Morton Grove pride, and help each other to make the best decisions possible on February 26th. Thank you.

Anthony Hofeld

Morton Grove

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Jac Charlier February 21, 2013 at 12:52 PM
Well said. Civic dialogue that is civil and yet can disagree and debate as part of the deliberation process.


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