Proposed Golf Mill Tax Hike Fails The Public

Village is holding a hearing Tuesday. By Joseph Makula, Niles Citizen

There is a notice of public hearing posted by the Village of Niles concerning raising the sales tax and service tax by .25% for all purchases made in the Golf Mill Shopping  Center. Businesses not in this  center would not have their taxes raised by this legislation.  The meeting is in Niles Village Hall on Feb. 28, 2012 at 7 p.m.

  The funds raised by this legislation would go [given] to the owners of Golf Mill Shopping Center to use as they wish for repairs, construction etc. within the center. No village-owned land or property is located within this Business District. Therefore all the benefits of this will go to Golf Mill Center gratis. There is no reason or provision to believe we will get any of this back now or in the future in any shape or form. This is the lowest level of governance (below tax and spend recklessly) and it deserves a grade of F (failure).

In September 2011 when this was first proposed I submitted 18 financial questions for Golf Mill Center to answer, with copies to Mayor Callero and the six village trustees.  My letter and questions were also published in The Niles Journal. No one has answered any of these questions to date but this legislation was tabled in September 2011.

In January 2012 I proposed 18 possible solutions to Golf Mill Center's supposed financial problems, all short of a tax increase and asked why they could not be implemented. Again no response by Golf Mill Center that I know of. I am in the process of submitting 18 more questions dealing with legal, liabilities, and operating issues that need to be answered.

I ask, why is this being brought up again Mr. Mayor (Bob Callero)?  You are an accountant [CPA?] and you are familiar with what information must be disclosed in order to get a bank loan, issue a stock or partnership offering, or even for various reports and registrations with state and federal government agencies.

This is not the Toontown Bank giving out a loan of jellybeans, it's $18 million or more of taxpayer money virtually being given away. It appears Mr. Mayor you are determined to proceed Full Speed Ahead. 

Again to all Niles Citizens, Golf Mill Shoppers, and merchants, if you wish to have your opinion heard on this matter then it is necessary to appear at this meeting.  Normally everyone wishing to make a comment is given three minutes to do so. There is also provision for written or email comments. They would best be addressed by sending a copy to each of the six trustees and Mayor (seven copies).

Email addresses for the mayor and trustees are:

  • Mayor Robert Callero, mayor@vniles.com
  • Trustee Chris Hanusiak, cjh@vniles.com
  • Trustee Jim Hynes, jth@vniles.com
  • Trustee Joseph LoVerde, jvl@vniles.com
  • Trustee Rosemary Palicki, rrp@vniles.com
  • Trustee Louella Preston, lbp@vniles.com
  • Trustee Andrew Przybylo, atp@vniles.com

This will probably be your one and only opportunity to affect this matter. The greater the participation at this meeting the better the village trustees and mayor can judge what their actions should be.   

By Joe Makula, Niles Citizen The views expressed are those of the author and not the publication. To send a Letter to the Editor to Niles Patch, email it to pam@patch.com.

Dave Tresbin February 24, 2012 at 08:22 PM
Joe, 75% of all Golf Mill revenues are derived from non-residents of Niles. In order to entice people to spend their money at Golf Mill and not elsewhere, the facilities need to be upgraded. We (you and I as residents) will get the money back through sales taxes paid by non-residents. By all means, lets allow Golf Mill go the way of other dilapidated malls. Then, let's see how much yours and my real estate taxes go up to replace the lack of sales tax.


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