Staackmann Building a Strong Morton Grove

Early voting starts Monday; in this Letter to the Editor, Maria Toth urges voters to cast their ballots for Dan Staackmann, saying he is containing costs and making the village business-friendly.


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The first day of early voting takes place on Monday, February 11 in Morton Grove’s first-ever consolidated primary election.  To that end, I urge residents to support Mayor Daniel J. Staackmann for re-election as Village President. 

Having  worked side by side on the Village Board with Dan for nearly four years now, I can attest to three of his strengths as a leader:  focus, commitment, and vision. 

In 2009 when he took office, the Village faced an almost $3 million budget shortfall.  Dan focused on this issue, working diligently with his fellow Board members and staff to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The Village’s Bond Rating improved, and yearly budgets were balanced.  A comprehensive capital improvement plan was put into place.  Residents saw improvements to Dempster Street above the ground via streetscaping.  New water mains were installed below the roadway, ensuring the safe delivery of water to residents’ homes.  A new state-of-the-art ambulance and police squad cars were purchased.

Dan has demonstrated his commitment to bringing business to Morton Grove by working closely with business owners, commission members, and staff to update the Sign Code and various ordinances, making them more business-friendly to attract new businesses to town.  Dan has the vision to see that small communities like ours must embrace public-private partnerships as we move forward.  These partnerships provide expanded services to residents while keeping taxpayer costs down.  Services already enhanced under Dan’s leadership include 911 operations, social services, and senior programming. 

Mayor Daniel J. Staackmann has the vision, commitment, and focus to continue our Village’s forward progress, which is why I urge you to vote for him for Village President on February 26!  Early voting takes place from February 11 to February 23 at Niles Village Hall (Oakton & Waukegan).

Maria S. Toth, Village Trustee

Mr. Rats February 09, 2013 at 02:05 AM
Maariiiia, Maria, Maria, Maaaariiiaaaa, your loyalty is impressive. Remember, if we vote for Staackmann no garbage dump and no booby restaurants. Remember to always keep holy the MG image.
mg879 February 10, 2013 at 07:35 PM
Dan Staackmann is a man of integrity who loves this Village and has committed his adult life to serving it. Under Staackmann’s leadership: The budget was balanced and Village credit rating and improved. Many new businesses have come to town – Culvers, Land of Nod, The Homestead, North Grove Manor, Las Fuentes, Tava, an expanded Produce World, and dozens of small businesses up and down Dempster Street. Miles of streets paved, Dempster and Lincoln were rebuilt with very nice streetscaping, new watermains, much better and more accurate water meters in our homes. And we continue to have excellent fire and police protection and public works does a great job – especially clearing that snow! Village operations are more efficient, and he has worked enhance services and community connections in town. His leadership has brought in much improved services for older adults by contracting that out to a very well respected senior service agency with highly trained professional staff who provide all the services we had before and many more. Expanded MGTV programming and The Exchange newsletter. He has received strong endorsements from every sector of the community: democrats, republicans, long time MG residents, past and current trustees, and leaders in the Filipino community, the Korean community, the Muslim community. Those are the facts of his leadership, and the basis for the continued committed, quality service with positive results we will continue to get from Dan Staackmann.
Roger Jones February 17, 2013 at 01:02 AM
Hi Maria, or should I say Lizzy T? You spread so much hate and vitriol among the other boards that I can't believe you would do this under your own name. Good for you sunshine! George, or should I say Mark, you should do an op Ed under your real name. Title it, "puppet master of Staackmann, why Staackmann is the better hand puppet". You both are disgusting and I hope that in two years That Maria or Lizzy T is voted out of office.


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