Staackmann Has Done Well, Deserves Reelection

If the mayor had only gotten Dempster Street resurfaced, that would merit re-election, but he has done so much more. A Letter to the Editor by Fred Winkler.


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About Morton Grove’s Future Eight years ago, Dan Staackmann ran for Mayor of Morton Grove and lost to some guy from Skokie. In his four years that guy did some good things – for Skokie! Now I thank God every day (OK, every three or four weeks) since Dan Staackmann beat Rick Krier in their 2009 rematch. If our home-grown Mayor had never accomplished anything more than re-surfacing and re-configuring Dempster Street, for that alone he deserves another four years as our Mayor. But, our current Board under Staackmann’s fiscally responsible leadership has accomplished so much more. Miles and miles of streets were resurfaced, water towers repainted and generally just doing the things our local government should be doing, and doing it well. Four years ago our village was broke and the people of Morton Grove voted to fix that by electing Staackmann. Now that it is fixed is a change in our leadership a good idea? I think not! Dan Staackmann deserves our votes and another four years at the helm of our Village. Vote for Staackmann on February 26. 

Fred Winkler

Morton Grove

Josie Phillips February 05, 2013 at 09:44 PM
You should get your facts straight. The Dempster street project was begun under Mayor Dan Scanlon and pushed forth by Mayor Rick Krier who by the way left the Village much more fiscally sound than when he came into office.
MG Filipino February 06, 2013 at 12:13 AM
Forgive me Josie but you are wrong on some facts. While our beloved late Mayor Scanlon did begin the process, it was Mayor Staackmann who kept it alive when the state tried to not fund it. As for Mayor Krier, his administration raised our taxes 28% and left us nothing to show for it but deficit. When he left office, we where in debt without a balanced budget, something Mayor Staackmann has accomplished during his years in office.


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