The Most Surprising Oscar Moments of 2013

From famous faces who appeared without warning to irreverent humor to who actually received those gold statuettes, there were quite a lot of surprises in the 2013 Oscars telecast. What do you think were the biggest moments?


I would have fallen off the couch if Daniel Day-Lewis hadn't won the Oscar for Best Actor Sunday night.

But the way things were going, it didn't look like a sure thing at all, even though Oscar buzz for Day-Lewis started months ago. As the telecast careened along, favorites were knocked out and dark horse nominees called up to the podium. 

Here are some of my picks for the most surprising Oscar moments. What are yours? Scroll down and tell us in the comments. 

1. Lincoln took home only two Oscars--Day-Lewis' best actor nod and production design. Two Oscars is not a lot for this storied Spielberg film.

2. Life of Pi came from behind to take home four Oscars. Movie lovers have had to go out of their way to see the film, not exactly in wide release at the corner cineplex.

3. Jack Nicholson introducing Michelle Obama. For a split second it was surreal, but then it seemed completely natural that the First Lady was giving a cheer for the arts. Plus, the sound quality was flawless.

4. A tie in the sound editing category. How often does that happen? Not very.

5. Seth MacFarlane's "We Saw Your Boobs" musical number and Chris Brown-Rihanna joke. Very surprising indeed. What did you think?

6. Barbra Streisand's (fantastic) appearance. Did she just step out of time machine from the 1980s? Millions of women are lining up in Hollywood to demand her anti-aging secrets. Oh, and she sang pretty well, too.

7. Jessica Chastain and Stevel Spielberg not winning in the categories of Best Actress and Best Director, respectively. Not that Jennifer Lawrence and Ang Lee are not remarkable and fabulous masters of their craft; it's just that the former were so celebrated and favored to win.

What other moments in the Oscars telecast were surprises? Scroll down to the comments and tell us.

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