You Had No Voice - Increased O'Hare Traffic, Noise and Pollution

I invite you to join the Fair Allocation in Runways (FAiR) Coalition, a citizen-led initiative that gathers democratically.  We are a rapidly growing coalition of citizens and civics on Chicago's NW side and near NW suburbs.  We oppose the increased air traffic, noise and pollution over our homes, schools, yards and playgrounds that resulted from no real community input in deciding the new O'Hare flight patterns.  FAiR supports jobs and our regional economy. O'Hare - Yes!  Plans and planes without your voice being heard  - NO, 
FAiR seeks a real voice at O'Hare to secure an equitable distribution of takeoffs and landings, day and night, east and west.  Find out more about FAiR at www.fairchicago.org.  You can also sign our online petition and register your airplane noise complaints directly through our site.  Join with your neighbors so your voice can be heard over the planes!  FAiR is the leading voice for residents on this issue.
Questions?  Please ask me, Jac Charlier. 


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