$12,000 Rolex Watch Goes Missing

The victim placed it in one of the rooms in his office. An arrest is merely an accusation and not evidence of a conviction.


A 43-year-old Niles man who has an office in the 9000 block of Golf Road reported that he removed his gold Rolex watch, valued at $12,000, Friday sometime after 7 p.m. while working with one of his patients, according to police. He placed it in one of the rooms in his office, the report said, but when he went to find it at the end of the day, he could not locate it. He does not suspect any of his patients. Police filed a report for insurance purposes.

Man drives 80 mph down Ballard Road

Anil Thomas, 34, of Morton Grove, was charged with reckless driving and speeding more than 40 miles over the limit after police said they observed him passing a vehicle improperly (over the double yellow lines), then accelerating to 80 mph in a 35 mph zone. According to the report, he did not possess valid insurance. The incident took place Sunday just before 1 a.m. in the 8600 block of Ballard Road. His court date is Oct. 3. 

Information is taken from reports.

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