Body Recovered from Collapsed Bridge Debris

The Glenview Fire Department confirmed that a car was crushed during yesterday's train derailment and subsequent bridge collapse.


Earlier today, Union Pacific crews discovered a car beneath the collapsed bridge debris from yesterday's derailment.  A few hours later, one body was recovered from the crushed vehicle. 

“We now have confirmation that one car traveling south under the Shermer Rd. overpass at the time of the derailment, approximately 1:30 p.m. yesterday, was crushed underneath the collapsed railroad bridge during the incident," Glenview Fire Chief Wayne Globerg said at the scene. "One body has been recovered from the automobile and recovery crews are working to determine if there is another. The identity of the unknown victim is not being released at this time.”

Due to the amount of debris at the site immediately after the bridge collapsed, recoverey crews were initially unsure if anyone was hurt.

“The car was discovered when Union Pacific crews were removing the derailed cars from the scene this morning at approximately 10," Globerg said. 

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