Chicago Man 'Snapped' and Shattered Woman's Cell Phone

He screamed 'Tase me, tase me!' when police arrived.

Police responded to a report of domestic battery on the 7600 block of Neva Ave., Niles, July 26, according to a police report. When the responding officer arrived on the scene he observed the offender, Christopher L. Phillips, 20, of Chicago, running out of the residence in a reckless demeanor, screaming “Tase me, tase me!”

The officer requested backup units, and when other officers arrived the offender was handcuffed for his safety and the safety of others on the scene. 

The victim, an 18-year-old female from Niles, told police the offender was acting “out of control,” and observed him “pop several Xanax pills like they were candy.” The victim said while they were having a conversation in the living room the offender wanted to see her cell phone. When the victim refused, the offender allegedly became enraged and “snapped.”

Phillips then grabbed her wrists and squeezed them in a provoking manner, the victim told police. The offender then pushed her into a corner and against the wall, she said. There, the victim stated the offender took her cell phone from her hand and slammed it on the ground, causing it to shatter.

The victim told police that she and the offender have a one-year-old child, who witnessed the physical altercation in its entirety. The victim said she then called 911 from another phone nearby.

The victim told police she and the offender have had “too many domestics to count,” and she was “through with him.” The victim said she has attained an order of protection in the past, but cancelled it after they reconciled.

While interviewing the victim, a Niles detective said the offender made several statements that he wanted to “kill himself.” For the offender’s safety the officer requested Niles Fire Department/Emergency Medical Service to transport him to Lutheran General Hospital for an evaluation.

The offender was released from the hospital and transported to Niles Police Department where he was processed and held for a bond hearing.

Illinois Department of Children and Family Services was contacted, and the DCFS call screener said a caseworker would be assigned to the case within 24 hours.

Clark Kent August 04, 2011 at 04:51 PM
"...she and the offender have a one-year-old child, who witnessed the physical altercation in its entirety." What bizarre reporting! Does this mean that the child gave a verbal statement to police???? Did the news media interview any pet rocks which also might have observed the altercation? Here's how the story appeared in "The Daily Planet:" Pill-popping papa snapped and damaged phone of "protective order" cancelling mama". Culprit cuffed and put in slammer after hospital evaluation. DCFS will investigate the environment of an unfortunate, innocent child who may face a lifetime of aberrant behavior by marginal parents.


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