DUI Suspect Hands Over Credit Card, Not DL

A passenger in the front seat gave him the driver's license and insurance to hand to the police officer. An arrest is merely an accusation, not evidence of a conviction.


Stefan Stamenkovic, 27, of Minnetonka, Minn. was charged with DUI after police observed him driving erratically in the 8300 block of Milwaukee Avenue just before 3 a.m. on Tuesday, they said. According to the report, he came very close to the vehicle in front of him and had to brake hard to avoid hitting it.

Police could smell a strong odor of an alcohol on the driver's breath, they said, and added he was swaying while sitting in the vehicle. Police asked him for his driver's license and insurance, and he  handed over a credit card and stared at the officer, according to the report. The front seat passenger handed him the insurance and his driver's license, but he had trouble holding the documents, they said. The officer asked the driver to get out of the vehicle to perform field sobriety tests, but he had trouble walking to the sidewalk and was swaying while trying to stand still, they said. A back-up officer stood ready to support the offender in case he fell. He showed impairment on field sobriety tests, police said. He was also cited for improper lane use and following too closely. His court date is July 17 in the Skokie branch of the Cook County courts. 

Man tries to get credit with possbly fake ID

In a deceptive practice case, a man in his thirties was shopping at a Golf Mill Shopping Center retail store Sunday at about 1:30 p.m., and selected a $6,000, 14 karat gold necklace. He asked about obtaining credit to purchase it, and began filling out a credit application. He provided an Illinois driver's license to a store employee, and the employee could tell it was fake, police said. When the employee went to make a photocopy of the license, the man said, "forget it, I wont get credit anyways," grabbed it and ran out of the store, according to the report. He did not take any merchandise. Police inventoried the copy of the driver's license and the partially completed application.   

Information is taken from reports. 

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jujuana June 22, 2012 at 01:00 PM
I mean how stupid are some people all I can do is pray for the drunk driver that he gets help before he seriously hurt someone one himself and as foe the person with the fake id card I hope they catch you before you have a chance to mess up someone's life I am a victim of identity theft and knows how it feels not to be able to get a simple credit card or student loan shame on you


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