Duo Attempt $5,000 Cash Advance, Get Caught

The California woman presented a fake credit card at a bank, police say. Someone even answered the fake 800 number on the card. An arrest is merely an accusation, not a conviction.


Nary Sun, 20, of Oakland Calif. and David Lyles, 63, of San Leandro, Calif., were charged with use of a fraudulent credit card, a Class 4 felony, on Saturday. Sun was also charged with possession of cannabis. 

Sun went into a bank in the 8700 block of Golf Road, spoke to a teller and asked for a $5,000 cash advance on a BMW Visa card, which she presented, according to police. A bank employee began to handle the request as though it were suspicious, and that employee later told police she had received an alert from the bank's security department that similar incidents were fraudulent.

Sun instructed one of the bank employees to call the authorization number on the credit card. However, while Sun was waiting, one of the employees phoned police.

Sun told an employee she had to leave to catch a plane, and walked out of the bank, leaving the credit card behind. An employee witnessed her get into the passenger side of a silver Chrysler, and police stopped the vehicle in the 8700 block of Golf Road.

The officer approached the driver, later identified as Lyles, and asked for a driver's license and insurance. As Lyles was flipping through his wallet, the officer observed him pluck out a Nevada driver's license and slip it into the area between the driver's seat and the vehicle's console before presenting a California driver's license, police said.

Additional police officers arrived on scene and interviewed Sun as she was seated in the passenger seat of the car. Police said she initially told them that her name was Monica Then, but she did not have any identification. When police asked why she was in the bank, Sun said she went to the bank to make a deposit. The Officer asked if she had a bank account, and she said no.

Police took both Sun and Lyles into custody for investigation. Upon doing so, they searched Sun's black purse, which they said contained a box of Newport cigarettes, which contained a small portion of a cigar, which was filled with suspect cannabis.

Their vehicle, a rental, was towed, and police took their luggage and about $3,500 cash for safekeeping.  

Police recovered the Nevada driver's license, and a database check indicated it was not valid, they said.

Police said Sun declined to make a statement about the incident.

The investigating officer called the customer service phone number on the back of the Visa card, and a person answered the phone saying "hello," leading police to suspect it was a personal phone line, they said. The officer asked about the phone number and the man on the line stated the officer had dialed a wrong number.

The officer hung up and dialed the number again. This time, according to the report, a male voice answered the phone, stating, "deleted card customer service." The voice sounded like the same person that answered the previous call, police said.

The officer asked to be transferred to a supervisor, and the person stated that they were the supervisor. The officer asked if there were a fraud department, and the subject stated that he would transfer the call. According to the report, it sounded as if the phone was placed on a table, and then the same voice returned to the phone saying, "fraud department."

The officer hung up the phone and dialed Visa Customer Service, which verified the credit card number was not valid, and additionally verified the customer service phone number on the back of the card was not a valid Visa phone number.

In conducting searches of the duo and their possessions at the police station, police said they found a California Driver's license hidden in Sun's bra, and less than two grams of suspect cannabis in her duffel bag. 

Both Sun and Lyles have a court date Sept. 13 in the Skokie branch of the Cook County courts.

Information is taken from reports. 

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