Minors Steal Alcohol - Employee 'Fires' Back

A Skokie man is charged with felony discharge of a firearm after shooting at a group of teens that stole liquor from his family's business on Friday. It marks the third known shooting in Skokie since May.

A Skokie man is facing felony charges after he allegedly shot at several juveniles that stole a bottle of alcohol from his family's business, Dollar House Plus, 4616 Oakton St., on Friday. It marks the third known shooting in Skokie since May 23.

Karam Odisho, 27, of the 8000 block of Kolmar Avenue, was charged with felony discharge of a firearm and reckless discharge of a weapon, police said. What began as a petty theft, ended in a shooting after Odisho chased several teens that stole a bottle of vodka from his family's store. After catching up with the group, Odisho fired one shot in the direction of the offenders, according to the police report.

Immediately after, police dispatch received numerous calls about shots being fired near Dollar House Plus. Officers eventually caught up with all those involved. The teens told police that they just went into the the store “to buy some pop and chips” and that Odisho chased after them and “fired a shot into the grass two feet away” from them, the report said.

When questioned about the alleged shooting, Odisho did not give police any information, the report said. Police charged one of the teens involved with misdemeanor retail theft. His name is not being released because he is a minor.

Third shooting since May -

Skokie Patchthat occurred on May 23. In that instance, a 20-year-old man came under fire from someone "known" to him. , that same individual near the intersection of Oakton Street and Skokie Boulevard on June 14.

On July 21, a woman in the 8100 block of Knox Avenue. While no shots were fired, police labeled the incident as a strong-armed assault.

All four incidents occurred within a quarter mile of each other (see map to the right).

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I love Skokie August 18, 2012 at 10:36 PM
Rene, I live within 1 block of you. I called the police recently because I saw, and this might shock you, a "white man" trying to break into my neighbor's home. Black does not equal crime. Check out the recent story of the "white TEENS" who committed armed robbery against white drug dealers in Highland Park on August 2, 2012. IMAGINE THAT!!! By the way other ethnic groups carry backpacks too but you're so focused on the "black kids" that you don't notice the "white kid" sneaking in your back door! That sounds awful doesn't it? There is a racist undertone here. We are all human beings FIRST. What is important is that we need to come together (keyword together) and combat crime in Skokie. Pointing the finger at any one race is unfair and at best not reliabe. I have had great experiences with black people. We have had a surge of both foreigners and blacks in the area. Read the reports lots of foriegners are committing crimes as well. Its easier to look at a black person and say "ah ha, see look at those black poeple." You shouldn't want any criminals destroying Skokie.....black, white, brown or green! By the way several of the new Section 8 neighbors are Assyrians, blacks and yes, whites and they are really nice people. I'm not saying that Section 8 is working because I have seen my fair share of folks that I wish would go back where they come from, and they come in all colors!
I love Skokie August 18, 2012 at 11:09 PM
Let's not leave anything out... Since blacks are more likely to be arrested than whites on drug charges, they are more likely to acquire the convictions that ultimately lead to higher rates of incarceration. Although the data in this backgrounder indicate that blacks represent about one-third of drug arrests, they constitute 46 percent of persons convicted of drug felonies in state courts. Among black defendants convicted of drug offenses, 71 percent received sentences to incarceration in contrast to 63 percent of convicted white drug offenders. Human Rights Watch’s analysis of prison admission data for 2003 revealed that relative to population, blacks are 10.1 times more likely than whites to be sent to prison for drug offenses. Source: Fellner, Jamie, "Decades of Disparity: Drug Arrests and Race in the United States," Human Rights Watch (New York, NY: March 2009), p. 16. http://www.hrw.org/sites/default/files/reports/us0309web_1.pdf
ashley September 10, 2012 at 03:32 PM
Everyone here is commenting without knowing the whole story!!! The shopkeeper didn't try to shoot the black thug because of the $10.00 vodka bottle, it was because the shoplifter raised a knife threatening the shopkeeper!!!
I love Skokie September 13, 2012 at 03:58 AM
This is not an intelligent debate anymore.Some of the comments, though I get it, are just hateful from some of the longtime residents.Too much hate and not enough reasonable action. Do you think that will solve the problem? I'd like to think that we are all intelligent, GOD fearing, hard working residents. Back and forth comments about who commits these crimes is not as important as solving them and getting to the root of why it is happening. Landlords should stop renting to "unsavory folks." Seems like that is the root! Keep pointing fingers, yet the problem still grows. Having a spine means not just complaining about it on a blog but actually putting things in motion to eliminate crime,starting with running background criminal checks to renters. Instead of telling folks to take the blinders off, lead by example. Go to the police station and talk to the captain and voice your concerns. If you simply complain amongst eachother it falls on deaf ears or opens up a venue to meaningless venting. Trust me if enough of Skokie residents rally together to put the pressure on the "police" we can stop the crime and get Skokie back. I'm free today to go to the police station in solidarity with you. Let's organize a time to meet with Skokie's Police Chief and discuss our obvious concerns. As a group, we are powerful....on a blog, we are just venting. Please feel free to comment so that I can arrange a meeting ASAP. The choice is yours. Stand up! Respectfully and honestly submitted.
sally September 13, 2012 at 03:23 PM
I am sitting down and reading this article and reading people comment. WOW is not even the word. I just don't understand who wrote this article and why would they write lies. I guess people will write stuff to make them look good.all I have to say is that, I have know this family for the 20 years.This family has owned that dollar store for 20 years and I been going there for that long. Karam is really nice kid, with clean record. He has never been into any fights or has he harmed anyone. Since I am friends with the owners. I was able to hear their side of the story. The owners don't judge people by their color of their skin or discriminate because of age. These kids who came in the store and stole a bottle of liquor, was not the first time that they have done that. These teens have had stolen from there couple times and had them caught on a camera for doing it... If you were a owner of a store who is trying to make money to provide for your family, how would you feel when someone comes in at your store and steal something and leave. Would you just stand there and don't do anything or will you say something. This store owner was standing up for himself and for his family. There were 8 teens surrounding him with knifes in their hands, ready to stab him. He was just defending him self from them. The gun is legally registered under his name.People don't sit there and make rude comment and saying that only a drink they stole. think from other side. Have a blessed day


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