Mom Stabs Herself, Waxes Daughter's Hair Off

The 18-year-old girl spoke to a teacher out of concern for her mother's erratic behavior; she wants her to get help. An arrest is merely an accusation and not evidence of a conviction.


During an unusual domestic incident, a 50-year-old Niles woman stabbed herself, pulled out her hair, threatened to pour gasoline on her 18-year-old daughter and burn her, and cursed at her daughter. She also forced her daughter to undergo a hair waxing of her bikini area. 

Police became involved Monday afternoon after the girl, a Maine East High School student, had notified a teacher, who then turned the situation over to a counselor.

The counselor said the girl initially worried about how her mother would react to her school grades, police said, but then indicated what she was really worried about: the bizarre incident Saturday. The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services advised the counselor to contact local police, Niles police said.

The girl told police that on Saturday, she and her mother argued when the mother said she wanted to teach the daughter about personal hygiene and wax the hair on her body, according to the police report. The daughter said that could be painful and suggested a hair removal product would be better. 

The mother became upset and started pulling hair out of her own head, according to the report. She continued yelling, began ripping her shirt open, grabbed a knife and stabbed herself in the chest, causing some bleeding, police said. The daughter wrestled the mother to take control of the knife so that she wouldn't hurt herself, and recovered the knife, police said.

The mother stood up and threw a step stool at the daughter, but did not injure her, according to the report. In another struggle to stop the mother from hurting herself, the daughter received two scratches from the mother's fingernails.

When the situation became calmer, the daughter headed toward the door to tell her father what had happened. According to police, the mother said, "If you tell your father, I will pour gasoline on you and burn you." 

The mother then forced the daughter to sit still while she waxed her bikini area, telling her she was showing her what real pain feels like, the report continued. The following day, Sunday, the mother yelled at the daughter, "I was just trying to teach you how to clean yourself up. I will never forgive you. May God burn you in hell," according to police.

The daughter does not want her mother to be arrested; she wants her to get helf because she has had outbursts like this her whole life, according to the report.

Police detectives learned the facts of the case at Maine East, then took the girl to the police station, where she waited while an officer went to talk to her mother. The mother, in the presence of her husband, denied the daughter's allegations but said she wanted to teach the daughter how to be clean, how to dress and how to do her hair, police said.  She denied stabbing herself, pulling out her hair and waxing the daughter's bikini area, according to the report. She did admit to losing some hair, but would not remove a head covering to show police, they said. 

She told police she would hurt herself, not her daughter, because she loves her, police said. 

Niles Fire Department personnel took the mother to Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, and the mother went without incident for a psychological evaluation. Police told a hospital social worker about the case and filled out a petition for an involuntary committal. The hospital verified a puncture wound and an abrasion on the mother's chest area, the report indicated. Police took the daughter to her father at the hospital, and referred the incident to Niles Family Services.

jujuana June 14, 2012 at 09:08 PM
I'm glad the child told someone so that the mother could get help. It sounds as though the mother could be suffering from by polar or a type of schizophrenia disorder god bless this family and I will keep them in my prayers.
Pam DeFiglio June 14, 2012 at 09:18 PM
Thanks Jujuana, I too hope they can have healing and peace.


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