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Monday Blotter: 'Demon Girls,' 'Help Wanted' Scam and Bicycle Found

A man reported hallucinating 'demon girls' in his apartment, and his roommate called police.

Found property

A Niles Community Service Officer found a women’s 26-inch bicycle laying in the park on the 8800 block of Kathy Lane July 25, according to a police report. There was no one around, and the bike was taken and placed in inventory.

Domestic dispute

Police responded to a report of domestic dispute on the 8400 block of Milwaukee Ave. July 25, according to a police report. The victim, a 27-year-old male from Niles, told police his roommate, a 34-year-old male from Niles, got into an argument with him over “demon girls.” According to both men, the offender had been hallucinating about “demon girls” in the apartment. The victim voluntarily left with a friend, and Niles Family Services was requested.

Criminal damage to property

Police were dispatched to a bowling alley on the 7300 block of Milwaukee Ave. for a vandalism report July 25, according to a police report. The complainant, the manager at the business, reported a bush from the landscaping had been pulled out and thrown at the complainant’s vehicle. There was a video camera that points in the direction of the incident, but the complainant could not access the video at the time of the report.

Suspicious activity

A 33-year-old woman from Niles reported suspicious activity to police July 26, according to a police report. The victim told police she found a help wanted listing on a website. After several emails the victim was told she had the job, and her first assignment was to deposit a check into her checking account in a company name, keeping $95, and sending the balance of $2000 to a named woman in San Diego, Calif. The victim did this on July 20, and spoke to a bank employee July 21 about the emails. The bank employee alerted their fraud department. The bank did not honor the transaction and the victim’s account was frozen.


Police responded to a report of battery on the 7200 block of Waukegan Road July 26, according to a police report. The victim, a 39-year-old male from Arlington Heights, told police the offender, a 43-year-old female from Park Ridge, tried to wake him up and became physically violent. The offender told police it was the victim that became physically violent. The complainant had a scratch on his neck, and the offender had a scratch on her knee. Both stated they are friends, and did not want to sign complaints.

Burglary to automobile

Police were dispatched to a business at the 5600 block of Touhy Ave. for a report of burglary to automobile July 27, according to a police report. A 55-year-old woman from Morton Grove told police unknown offenders broke into her 2008 Land Rover after breaking the rear door glass, and removed a bankbook with $800 inside. A DVD from the surveillance cameras from the store and the victim’s bank in Skokie were placed into inventory.

Clark Kent August 01, 2011 at 06:06 PM
Disclaimer: Kathy Lane is NOT a sister to Lois Lane. Lotsa men have been calling "The Daily Planet" to find out where the Demon Girls went. If anyone knows, contact our special Hotline GET-GIRLS. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7hCuDL8j2M How interesting about the job offer! "The Daily Planet" recently reported about a guy who might have had contact with the same woman in San Diego. Here's what he still hopes to tell her even if she doesn't return his money; he just can't keep a grudge http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ny2yqpCKDkc (please note that the Daily Planet is not responsible for writing "decieve" instead of "deceive." No deception was intended by the original writer and certainly not by this righter). Since only one DVD is mentioned, it could not have come from two different sites! Does that mean that among other things the victim’s bank itself was "placed into inventory?" Must be rather cumbersome to move an entire bank!


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