Officer Charged with Exploiting Elderly Man

An Elmwood Park police officer faces criminal charges.

John Wasilenko
John Wasilenko
The Cook County Sheriff's department has charged an Elmwood Park police officer with financially exploiting an 84-year-old man.

John Wasilenko, 39, of Norridge was charged Friday in the case. The investigation began in Dec. 2012 when employees of a Brookfield bank called police. The 84-year-old man had told bank employees that he had not written a $20,000 check that was made out to Wasilenko.

Police said the man's account was being monitored because for unusual activity because he had previously reported thefts at his Elmwood Park home. Police said Wasilenko had befriended the man who had advanced dementia.

Investigators said Wasilenko deposited a $20,000 check issued to him from the man's bank account.


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