Old Enemies Spar Over Money, Claim Of Affair

They hadn't seen each other in years, but an encounter may have brought back old grudges. An arrest is merely an accusation, not evidence of a conviction.


A 52-year-old Niles man became aggressive toward a 56-year-old Chicago man June 12 just before 5:30 p.m. when they saw each other on the street in the 8700 block of Milwaukee, which contains a restaurant and a bar. According to the police report, the two were acquaintances but had not seen each other in several years. 

The Niles man accused the Chicago man of having an affair with his wife, police said, which led to arguing and then the Niles man pushing the Chicago man. The Chicago man called police and the men separated. 

When police arrived, the Chicago man stated the Niles man owed him money for a car repair job performed several years ago. Police said he pushed the Niles man and the Niles man pushed back. Neither one pressed charges.

Thief steals credit card, charges $420 worth of dinner and shopping

A 27-year-old Arlington Heights man told police that while he was at a fitness club in the 9200 block of Milwaukee Avenue, someone removed his wallet from his locker, which he had locked, police said. The offender re-secured the lock after removing the wallet, according to the report. The victim learned someone had charged two charges on his credit card, one at a Niles restaurant and one at a Niles store. The charges totaled $420. 22. The man's driver's license and $20 cash were also taken.

Information is taken from reports.

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