Suspected Bomb Found; Woman Tries Bogus Rx

A man found a bag with electrical tape sticking out of it and the bomb squad responded. An arrest is merely an accusation and does not indicate a conviction.


Niles Police responded to a call from someone who found three bags in a parking lot in the 8800 block of Dempster on May 11 just before midnight. At least one bag had electrical tape sticking out of the zipper, which prompted police to call the Cook County Bomb Squad. The bomb squad arrived at 1:25 a.m. on May 13 and determined the bags did not pose a threat. They contained the belongings of a woman in her 60s from Vernon Hills. When police tried to contact her, they were told she is homeless and had not been seen for three years. 

Woman tries to fill Rx for controlled substance

Niles police responded to a call from a pharmacist at a pharmacy in the 7100 block of Milwaukee on May 11 just after 6 p.m. The pharmacist said a woman presented a prescription for phenergan with codeine, a cough medicine and controlled substance, police said. The pharmacist thought the woman's behavior suspicious enough to call the prescribing doctor, and when she called the phone number provided, someone hung up on her, according to the report. The pharmacist then researched the doctor, from Hinsdale, and contacted him, police said. He said the woman was not his patient and he had not written the prescription, and he advised her to call police, they said. The pharmacist told police the woman left the store saying she would be at the coffee shop next door, and a phone call to the coffee shop confirmed she was there with two males, police said. However, they left in an older model Dodge before they could be apprehended, police said. They also indicated that, according to the pharmacist,  it's not uncommon for this type of prescription to be forged.  Police took the prescription into evidence and are investigating.

Information is taken from reports.

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