Woman Causes Chaos, Gets Felony Charge

After she stole a wallet, police said, she hid her identity, became defiant, obstructed police, and then became suicidal. An arrest is merely an accusation and is not evidence of a conviction.


Nakia Dickerson, 30, of North Lawndale Street, Chicago, was charged Dec. 13 with obstructing identification, resisting a peace officer and knowingly damaging property, a class 2 felony, in a theft case.

Niles police responded just before 10:15 a.m. to the 8000 block of Wisner, where a 28-year-old Niles man said Dickerson had taken his wallet and refused to give it to him. Police followed Dickerson into the residence after she ran inside and locked the door, they said, and gave a name and birth date that was not her true information. 

Police said while they were talking to her, she tried to hide something in her hand and run into the bathroom, and when officers tried to stop her, she became combative and tried to strike an officer with her elbow. Police got her down on the ground and placed here in handcuffs, where they discovered she had been holding her Illinois ID card. They also discovered she was wanted on a warrant. 

A female officer secured Dickerson in the back of the squad car, according to the report, and one officer discovered the victim's wallet in Dickerson's belongings. 

Police took Dickerson to the Niles Police Station, and said she became uncooperative and verbally combative during the booking process. They placed her in the Group Holding Cell for a cooling-off period.  

Police said she began removing her clothing and saying she wanted to go to the hospital because she wanted to kill herself. Niles Fire Department paramedics took her to the hospital, and after her release, Niles Police booked and processed her and held her for a bond hearing. 

Her court date is Jan. 16 in the Skokie branch of the Cook County courts. 

Information is taken from Niles Police Department reports. 

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